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Religious Education

Mission Statement

Holy Cross Catholic Primary School-

A family living, loving and learning together through the light of Christ.

Year 4 created a Torah scroll.


This week we have been learning all about Islam in RE. We have been learning about the differentiation movements involved in praying. One of our friends brought in their prayer mat to demonstrate for us. 

Islam Week

This week in RE, we have been learning about the Islamic faith, Two of the parents from our class kindly agreed to come into class to speak to the children about their religion focusing on Ramadan, Eid-ul-FItr and Hajj, as this is our focus for this week. The children enjoyed hearing about experiences of Ramadan and Hajj from personal experiences and were able to ask deep thinking questions to gain a deeper understanding.

Using drama to re-enact the Last Supper

In RE, the children have been learning about the Last Supper and why the Last Supper is important. The children used freeze frames to show their understanding.

RE Explore Self Discipline

Year 4 researched different people in art, music and sport. We spoke about how these people needed self discipline to reach their full potential.

How Christians live out the Lord’s Prayer in words, actions and dance

Year 4 create a dance which interprets the Lord’s Prayer. We described what the Lord’s Prayer means using dance. Some of us even began to or gave reasons for the different actions after showing their dance to the class.

Collective Worship outdoors!

We gathered outside in the beautiful sunshine to carry out our collective worship in peaceful reflection. We took time to appreciate God’s wonderful creation all around us!

Collective Worship: School value of respect

Collective Worship: trusting in God to help us carry on.

In collective worship, we listened to the footprints poem (read aloud by Tanmayee) and reflected upon its significance as God carries us in our weakest times in life.

Collective Worship- living out our school values

We reflect upon this weeks theme of preparing our hearts and minds in order to shine out the light of Christ in our everyday lives.
Year 3 - Islam 

Year 6 Collective Worship: living out our school values.

Year 1 - Stay and pray

Year 1 - Collective worship

Parents' Collective Worship

Year 3 Gathering and preperation in the Church

Gathering for Church

Year 3 Stay and Pray

Year 1 - Role playing Jesus in the temple

Year 3 - Collective Worship 

Year 1 - Christingle

Nursery- RE Lessons and Collective Worship

Class Work

The Last Supper Role Play

Year Two have been learning all about the books used by the parish family. At the end of our topic Year Two shared all that they’d had learnt with Nursery, Reception and Year 1.

Mass Responses

Year 2 have been using paint to explore responses in Mass. 

Church Role Play

Hot Seating- The Annunciation

Judaism Week: Celebrating the Jewish New Year Festival of Rosh Hashannah


Year 1 - Baptism

Passing on the Faith

As part of their role as Worship Warriors children have been 'passing on the faith' to the younger children in Nursery and Reception. Each day the Worship Warriors help the EYFS classes when saying their prayers before lunch and at the end of the day. Younger children love the opportunity to learn from the Worship Warriors.

The Last Supper

Today we have been learning all about the story of the Last Supper. We used freeze frames to act out the story.

Exploring our Memories

The Year 5 children have just began their new RE topic -Memorial Sacrifice. We have been exploring our different memories and stating what we do to keep them alive. We spoke about happy and sad memories and created a mind map of the key memories we have and how we can and like to keep them alive. We then used one of our memories each to create a memory tree which will go on our class RE display.
This week in Year 3 we learnt all about Islam. We researched the main festivals celebrated as part of the religion and some of the children brought in belongings related to their faith. We explored Islamic art, in particular the geometric tiles used to decorate mosques. We then designed our own tiles in sketchbooks.

Learning Gospel Responses

Today we have been learning about responses used during mass. We took it in turns to practise the responses and also found out how alter servers help priests during the reading of the Gospel. 

The Nativity Story

We worked in small groups to act out and freeze-frame different parts of the Nativity story. 
The children in Year 1 have been learning about the story of Christingle. They are recognising and describing symbols used within Christingle. We learnt that the orange represents the world. The four cocktail sticks and fruit show that God created the world and the seasons. The candle reminds us that God is the light of the world. Finally, the red ribbon represents the blood of Jesus. We had lots of fun making our Christingle!

Learning About Religious Education Through Drama

Following In The Footsteps Of Jesus

Circle Time

During circle time, we discussed how we can sometimes fall out with our friends. We were given the opportunity to share our thoughts and feelings about this. We then discussed and shared ways in which we could solve our differences and become friends. We talked about saying sorry and forgiveness.

The Creation Story

In our RE topic New Beginnings we have been learning all about The Creation Story. We created our art pieces based on the story.

Showing Love to Family

We planned our first response in Year one as a class. We decided to gather by sitting in a circle listening to music. Some of us closed our eyes and said special prayers to God. We listened to the psalm that taught us about Gods love in this topic. Next, we all responded by placing a pebble by a candle in the middle of the circle to show how we are all part of Gods family. Finally, we went forth by thinking of ways in which we will be able to show love to our family when we go home.

Respecting other Religions and Faiths

Reception have enjoyed learning all about Jewish customs and traditions. As a class, we have discussed Hanukkah and the significance of the Menorah lamp. Reception have made their own Menorah lamps, remembering to include 8 candles as well as a serving light.

Reflection Booklet

Today the children learnt that Mary and Joesph would have taught Jesus to pray using the psalms. Today we made a reflection booklet to record prayers about Gods love and what is important to us. We wondered how God is always there for us.

Should the prodigal son return?

The pupils were divided into three teams: prosecution, defence, and the jury. They worked together to debate issues around forgiveness and unconditional love. Both sides put forward some excellent arguments but the verdict eventually favoured the defence and the jury announced their decision having voted unanimously - everyone had great fun whilst practising their British Values!
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