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Welcome to Nursery!


The children in Nursery are taught by Mrs Pinchi and are supported by Miss Magee. We hope that you will visit this page often and find it useful in keeping up to date with your child's learning experiences.


Mrs Pinchi and Miss Magee

We visited the library today to choose some books for our classroom. We had a lovely time reading stories and singing rhymes in the children’s library.

Liverpool Library 😍

We chose some fabulous books!

In our maths meetings the children use the calendar to work out what day it is. Listen to their lovely sentences. 

We love our daily maths meetings

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We know which day comes first, second, third etc.,

Maths Meetings

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Who can tell me what day it is and how do you know?

Today is.....

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The children are learning the days of the week.


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We know all the days of the week.

We sponge painted a deep cold river.

We looked at the next few pages of the story book Were Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and we talked about the deep cold river. We learnt that Liverpool has a river called the Mersey and that it comes from the sea inland to form a large river. We explored the word deep with our water tray and we then used blue and green paint to paint a deep river. 

Our new topic book is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. This book will help us to learn about different environments and weather. The children have read the first few pages and have learnt some new vocabulary, long, deep and wavy. The children planted grass and hopefully it will grow long and wavy just like in the story. 

Long wavy grass

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As the characters move through the grass it makes the sound swishy swishy. The children played musical instruments that make this sound.

Planting long wavy grass

We looked at the illustrations in the book and talked about the colour, shape and pattern. We then painted long wavy grass.

Swishy swashy

Long wavy grass

Leaf Crowns

RE we made a Welcome sign to make sure everyone feels welcome in Nursery.

Dressing Up

Maths....finding the same.

We had a new sandpit today and the children used the picture instructions and the tools to put it together. 

Building our new sandpit.

We love our new sandpit!

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The children learnt how to use an allen key and a spanner to build their new sandput.

A new sandpit

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We put diggers and dumper trucks in our sandpit.

In RE we have been learning all about the Baptism. We learnt that our names are special and we all have family names. The children really enjoyed taking on different roles and acting out the Batism. 

The Baptism

The children have been using gentle hand massage to support kind hands and wellbeing. First the children ask their friends if they would like to take part. The children then look carefully at their friends hands noticing all the fine lines. They then use gentle hand massage to show that hands are kind and support our wellbeing.

Gentle Hands

This week we have celebrated Diwali, we have researched how the Hindu religion prepares for Diwali by making Rangoli patterns. The children drew around their hands and then decorated them with similar patterns.

Diwali Celebrations

Thank you for bringing in some fabulous leaves! 🍁 The children have used the magnifiers to look at all the detail on the leaves. We also used the leaves in our maths meetings for counting, sorting and making patterns. 

Autumn Leaves 🍁

Welcome back to Nursery everyone, we hope you have all had a good half term break! This week the children will be taking part in Diwali Celebrations and learning all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks. We have a very exciting week ahead and so look out for for more information and lots of photos.

Autumn Pictures

In the holidays, why not go for a walk in the park.

Go for a walk in your local park and look how the trees are changing now it is Autumn. All the leaves are turning brown and falling from the trees. Collect leaves to make collage and Autumn pictures. Can you name the colours of the leaves? Can you count how many leaves you have collected? Which are the big ones and which are the small ones? Please bring into Nursery any leaves and we will make some lovely Autumn collages. 

Happy half term everyone! Nursery will be back week commencing Monday 1st November.

Nursery Pirate Party

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To celebrate the end of our Ocean Topic we held a pirate party!

We dressed as pirates

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We know that not just pirates sail the seas but some people sail for fun, people use a boat for fishing and boats can be used to rescue people at sea.


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We were dancing a sailors jig.

Sea Shanties

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We have learnt lots of new songs all about the sea.

Walking the plank

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We learnt that if you broke the rules at sea you would have to walk the plank!


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The children enjoyed making boats as part of our Ocean topic.

Land ahoy!

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We got to use a telescope and a compass.

Our Ocean Topic

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We learnt that the creatures which live in the sea are very different from us.

We are pirates

The spring onions have grown and the gardening ambassadors have replanted them in larger pots. 

Gardening ambassadors

We made telescopes

A Shark in the Park

A pirates life

We read about a pirates life at sea and designed and made our own eye patch.

Once we had worked together to make our large boat we then made smaller boats for our water tray. We experimented to see if they would float or sink. We found that any holes let the water in and the boat eventually sank. 

We made a boat

This week we have been learning about things that go above the sea rather than under the sea. We have been researching boats and decided to design and make our own.

We then used our boat for role play, we hung up a sea picture took our telescope and set sail! 🚒 

Sailing the Ocean 🌊

We’ve been using play dough to make sea creatures for our Ocean topic. We made an octopus, dolphin, sea horse and a crab. We were able to use some lovely vocabulary; rolling, stretching, twisting, turning and squashing. 

Modelling Sea Creatures

Under Water

In RE we have been making a welcome sign for our classroom. We all made a handprint to show that we all belong and we are all welcome. 


In maths we have been learning about size. We looked at the pumpkins and decided which ones were big and which ones were small. We then discussed which one was the biggest and smallest. The children then wanted to pick up the pumpkins which led to a discussion about weight so then we discovered heavy and light. So we then sorted the pumpkins into the heaviest and lightest. The biggest was also the heaviest and the smallest was also the lightest. What a fantastic maths lesson with lots of super maths vocabulary! 

Pumpkin Maths πŸŽƒ

Imagination and Play

In RE we have been learning all about other religions. The children researched about Judaism and made their own Star of David.


We have been using our potion table, collecting leaves and herbs from our garden. We took some lavender and mint, mixed it with water to creat potions with different smell and colours. We are learning that we use our eyes to see, our noses to smell and our ears to listen. 

Making Potions πŸ§ͺ

Our spring onions are starting to grow! We used a magnifier to see the detail on the stems. 

Spring Onions

We have been learning to self regulate and become aware of our feelings. The children read about different emotions and look in the mirror to identify their feelings. They then draw a picture of how they our feeling and hang it on our emotions tree. We check the tree and cheer up our friends who may be sad. 

Zones of Regulation

In phonics we are learning to recognise and use rhyme. We played “pass the bag around the circle” and pulled out a picture containing a rhyming word. The children say the word and recognise the final sound is the same for each word......a rhyming word! 

Phase 1 Phonics

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Rhyming Words


We had a maths party and completed different maths activities, counting, problem solving and recognising quantities.  

We are sea creatures 🐠

We are learning to use a knife and fork

Sailors and pirates might use telescopes to see other boats at sea. 

Using a telescope to see far far away.

We have been painting pictures of sea creatures and using bubble paint for the sea. 🌊 

Bubble Painting

Sea Creatures and Bubble Painting Art

Our new topic this week will be focused around the book ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ by Giles Andreas and David Wojowycz. We will be looking at different environments taking our knowledge of the seaside and discovering what creatures live below the sea. Comparing our city life to the life of those that live or sail the ocean. 

Commotion in the Ocean

The Gardening Ambassadors have been planting spring onion seeds.

First we put the soil in the pot.

Next we put the seeds in the pot.

Then we covered the seeds with soil.

We watered the seeds.

Then we wrote a label.

We placed them in the sun to grow.

Year 6 have become Reading Ambassadors for the school and have recommended some books that you could share with your Nursery children. Please see the poster below for more details.

Must read for Nursery

More Bollywood

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The children love music and dancing.

This week in maths we have been exploring shape through construction. We have looked at the buildings all around our school and talked about the size and the shape. We then used Lego and blocks to replicate our fabulous city Liverpool!


This week in the area of Personal, Social and Emotional Development we have looked at the NSPCC website PANTS. We are learning to be caring and respectful to each other and also to know that our bodies belong to us. We decorated pants for a display! 


In Nursery this week we have had a fun and busy week! We had a visit from the practitioners of Vauxhall children’s centre to help us learn the importance of dental hygiene. The children loved brushing the dinosaurs teeth and learning all about healthy eating.

Tooth Brushing 🦷

Dental hygiene

We like to brush our teeth

Brushing the dinosaurs teeth

Healthy teeth make nice smiles

Healthy teeth

This week the children in Nursery have become gardening ambassadors for the school. We gave each class a tub with daffodils and tulip bulbs which will bloom in spring, we also planted winter pansies. The children were proud of their planting and the other classes were pleased too.

Gardening ambassadors

Making labels for our plants.

The children enjoy listening to music and this week we enjoyed some Bollywood.


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We love music and dancing.

We love the outdoors moving around.

What a fantastic obstacle course!

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Each block was carefully selected and placed! Well done!

This week the children have been baking butterfly cakes. 

We followed the recipe.

First we put butter in our bowl.

Then we added sugar.

We used a wooden spoon to mix until it was light and creamy.

We gave it a really good mix!

Then we added two eggs.

Folded in the flour with a metal spoon.

Then gave it a whisk.

We popped it in the oven for twenty minutes. Look how our cakes had risen!

We then made the butter cream.

We cut the tops off the cakes to make wings. Look at our beautiful butterfly cakes! 🍰 πŸ¦‹

We then had a picnic.

Yummy cakes!!

We’ve been learning our class rules. Sit nicely....

Walk in the classroom....

Have kind hands......

Help to tidy....

Making Friends

We love to move around the garden on our bikes and scooters! We are learning to pedal and develop our balancing skills. We use new vocabulary such as fast, slowly, forwards and reverse. We use our imagination and travel to far away places. 

Travelling Around

In Literacy we are developing our mark making skills by drawing patterns using glitter and paint brushes. We are learning to hold our writing equipment in pincer grip using our finger and thumb. 

Mark Making

Big Art

Today we enjoyed making the most of the rain. We used powder pain in the puddles to create colour mixing. We learnt that yellow and blue make green and blue and red make purple.

Colour Mixing β˜”οΈ

Rainy Day Songs 🌧

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The rain inspired our puddle painting and our songs about rain.

Singing in the rain β˜”οΈ 🌧

Still image for this video

We have been exploring different materials, cutting and sticking to create textures and collage. We talk about and name the colours we see and we use new vocabulary to describe what we feel, bumpy, rough, soft and smooth. 

Creating and Exploring


Our Topic β€˜All About Me.’

Welcome back to all our lovely children and families, also a warm welcome to our new children and their families, we hope you have had a great summer break. Over the next two weeks we will be covering the topic ‘All About Me’ where we will begin to find out about our friends, families, local and school community. The children will read the story book ‘My Nose Your Nose’ by Melanie Walsh and we will discover similarities and differences between ourselves and others. New friendships are starting to be made and the children are settling in well.

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