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National Safer Internet Day in Nursery!


It is important that we prepare and equip children with the knowledge and understanding they need to keep themselves safe online. This enables them to use the internet in a positive and enjoyable manner. 

Safer Internet day was an opportunity to reinforce this message, we talked lots about the different ways we use the internet and how we can stay safe when we do. 



Smartie the Penguin

In circle time we shared the story of Smartie the Penguin, he had been away from his laptop for a while and when he came back he found his game wasn’t there anymore but he wasn’t sure how to get it back on. We talked about what Smartie could do and what he should do.

The children decided that he should tell somebody and ask for help.

The children then talked about what they would do if it happened to them when they were playing on the ipad or laptop at home or at Nursery.



They said they would:


•      Ask for help.

•      Tell a grown up.

•      Tell an older brother or sister.

•      Not click unless they are sure.

•      Think before we click.

We learned a song about thinking before we click on something if we are not sure. The children had fun learning the song and talked about how if they were ever unsure they should always think before they click.

If you would like any further information about how you can help to support your child’s learning of keeping safe online please visit the websites below.