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Welcome to Nursery!


The children in Nursery are taught by Mrs Pinchi and are supported by Mrs Rice. We hope that you will visit this page often and find it useful in keeping up to date with your child's learning experiences.


Mrs Pinchi and Mrs Rice

What a fabulous Lego model!

🎧 🎵 🎶

Using Shapes

Making tea in the mud kitchen

Building for role-play

Moving Around 🚴🏻‍♀️

Collective Worship


The children have been planting sweet peas, sun flowers, lettuce, potatoes and herbs. We compared the seeds noting the size, colour and shape. The potato seeds were the biggest and the basil seeds were the smallest. We have been using the magnifiers to look closely at the shoots as they have grown. 🌱🧐

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

The children have been learning about healthy food. We have used books and the internet to gain an understanding of what foods are healthy. We learnt that fruit and vegetables are especially good for us. We used our senses to explore different fruits, discussing the texture and taste. We then looked at Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s friut pictures and designed our own. We noticed the shape of the bananas and thought that they resembled a mouth. The olives made great eyes and mushrooms noses. 🍄 

Our Art Work

The children made their own dough and used it to make a model of their favourite fruit. The children could say why they liked fruit. “It’s sweet, juicy, sticky and very tasty,” they said. 

World Book Day

Today we celebrated Pancake day. The children sampled some delicious pancakes and then had a pancake race! 

Pancake races

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On your marks....

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get set...

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We have winners!

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The Naughty Bus

We have been reading the story of the Naughty Bus by Jan Oke. The children have been making their very own bus. 

Jude Lennon came to visit.

The Lion Dance

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The children acted out the lion story and dance.

Making a lion

We read about the lion dance and watched the film clip of the lion dancing around Liverpool China Town. We then used different patterns to create lovely designs on our fabric. 

Making Fans

The children looked at the Chinese fans and then we used pens to create the different patterns.

Lucky envelopes

Christmas Party 🎉🌲

Let’s Celebrate 🎊🎄🎅

Partying 🎄🎅🎄

Christmas time 🎄🎅

Fun times 🎉🥳

Guess who came to visit? 🎅

Building a Bridge of Books

Keeping Our Teeth Clean!

A visit to the park

Looking for Autumn leaves🍁🍂

Lunch in the park

We had a lovely day!🍁🍂🍁

Printing with our leaves.

We have been thinking about Harvest Time and the where our vegetables come from. We discovered that pumpkins grow in the ground and that they start their lives as small seeds.

Harvest Time 🎃🥕🌽🥦

To celebrate the end of our Ocean topic we have had a Pirate Party. The children sang sea shanties and danced a jig! 

Aaarrghh!! 🏝🌊

We built a boat. ⛵️

We are Pirates! 🐡

Shiver me timbers! 🐙

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Pirate Friends

Me hearties!

Pirate jigs

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We can dance jigs just like the pirates.

Hooray up she rises - we love pirate songs.

Happy Pirates! 🤗

Thank you all for your kind donations of party food, we had a jolly time! 🗺🏝🧁🎈
The children have enjoyed talking about their holidays and have enjoyed sharing their holiday photos. Some children went to the seaside and were able to talk about some of the sea creatures that they saw. We have read the text Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and we found out all about the animals that live in the sea. We then went on a trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium to sea some of the creatures from our story book.

We made a Blue Planet Aquarium 🐠🐡🐟

Blue Planet Aquarium

More videos

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More photos


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We had a splashing time!🐡🐠🐙🦑

Jaws 2 🦈

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Feeding Time

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The children have settled back into Nursery and are getting to know their new friends, they have been creating a lovely classroom display of 'friendship' using their handprints. 

Our Friendship Display

The children are settling into the Nursery routines and are making full use of activities on offer. The children love the free flow play both indoors and outside.

Outdoor Play

Indoor Play