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Year 3

Hello everyone and welcome to Year 3’s class page. I am Miss Mc Dermott and I am the very lucky teacher to be teaching year three this year! The children have been working extremely hard and they are settling into their new class very well. The children in Year 3 are very hardworking, dedicated and show a huge passion in their learning. I am very excited to be teaching them this year. Please explore our ‘Curriculum page’ to gain an insight into what we will be learning this year!!


Reading is a very important aspect of learning and we actively encourage the children to read every day in school either one to one with a teacher, independently or with a partner. Please ensure your child brings their reading record and reading book into school every day in their school book bag. We also encourage the children to read every night at home. Please listen to your child read and record what pages they have read in their reading record. It is important that the reading record is signed by an adult each time your child reads.


Every Friday, homework will be given out in their homework journals. This homework must be handed in on Thursday the following week. This homework is to assess your child’s learning and understanding from their week in school.  Your child will also be sent home weekly spellings that they must practice during the week also. If you or your child is ever unsure about a piece of homework, please do not hesitate to come and speak to me. I am always happy to help.


Your child has been given access to Purple Mash, Mathletics, Timestable Rockstars and Spelling Shed. Could you please allow your child to access these websites at home to continue with their learning.


P.E. is currently taking place every Wednesday where the children will be taking part in gymnastics. On Tuesdays, the children will be taking part in swimming lessons. On swimming days, the children must wear their school uniform to school. Please ensure your child arrives to school in a full P.E kit on Wednesdays. It is extremely important for the children to wear the full P.E kit so they can take part in the lesson more safely and comfortably.  


Thank you for your continued support.

Reading Festival

Maths fun - Multiplication

Having fun in the snow!!

ICT - Coding

Maths - Using maths equipment for addition and subtraction


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Guided reading - Exploring vocabulary

English - Making predications about our new book

ICT - Creating Animations

Merry Christmas from Year 3

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Christmas class party and disco

Party Time in Year 3

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Christmas Rhyme workshop

Year three enjoyed taking part in the Christmas Rhyme poetry workshop! The children at Holy Cross worked together to create a whole-school Christmas poem. Each class had a workshop where they had the opportunity to create their own class verse. All the children had an assembly at the end of the day and each class performed their own part of the poem. Year three had so much fun!!

Religion - How can we show love to our neighbours during Advent

Look who has arrived!!!! Jingles the elf

Jingles the elf has been a very popular elf this year!! Jingles has been up to a lot of mischief in our year three class. He even got added to our class dojo list where he earned some valuable dojo points. Jingles very kindly bought us three new christmas story books, which the children really enjoyed! 

Music - Using glockenspiels

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Music - Using glockenspiels

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Dance - Country and Western

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PSHE - Family

Jenga in the great outdoors

Breathing techniques

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The children have been using many different breathing techniques to help us relax and rest our busy minds. Some techniques are: butterfly breathing, five finger breathing and body scan meditation.

Five finger breathing

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Zones of Regulation

Since September, the children have been using the Zones of Regulation display to monitor their feelings and emotions. Every morning, the children place their name on a colour that they might be feeling at that very moment. The children can change their name at any point throughout the day. This allows the children to understand that our emotions change all the time. The children know that our emotions are like clouds as they are only passing by. 

2 minute silence for Remembrance Day

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The children remained silent today for two minutes to pay their respects to all the soldiers that have fought in wars.

English - Comparing travel brochures

Science - Working together to identify the fossil formation process

Science - Testing a rock to see if it was limestone or chalk

In science, the children underwent a science experiment that required them to test different types of rock to determine whether they were limestone or chalk. This acid test allowed they children to discover what happened when acid (vinegar) was dropped onto certain sedimentary rocks. Some rocks began to fizz and bubble. Some children could even hear the reaction by listening really carefully!! 

English - Barrier games

The children were put into 5 groups and in each group there was a child picked to be the describer. The child had to describe a picture from our new book to their group. The children then had to draw what the describer was articulating to them! The focus was on the accuracy of the words used by the describer and the listening skills of the children, rather than the drawing ability of the children. The children really enjoyed this game and they produced some accurate descriptions! 

English - Making predictions about our new book

The children used their prediction skills today to make predictions about our new book this term. The children were given a picture from the book and they had to write down on sticky notes what they thought our book will be about. 

ICT - Typing

The children have been working really hard during their ICT lessons. They have been learning all about typing. The children were introduced to posture and how they should sit while using a computer. The children have been using the correct fingers when using the top, middle and bottom row keys. They have been completing numerous activities on purple mash to support their understanding and learning. 

Geography: Making our own human meander in class

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This week in geography, the children were learning all about how rivers shape our land.
During this lesson, we learned about meanders. We decided to make our own human meander in our classroom!

Geography: Making a model of the upper course of a river

The children have been learning all about rivers this half term. During this lesson, the children used play dough and crepe paper to make a model of an upper course of a river. The children used some key vocabulary to describe their work such as; erosion, rivers load and spurs. This activity was enjoyed by all! 

Liverpool Maths Party

The children took part in the LIverpool Maths party. We played many maths games, we made maths inspired headbands and hosted a quiz of "Who wants to be a mathionaire". The children had a great day! 

Art - Mixing primary colours

Science: Rocks