Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

'Living, Loving, Learning Together'

School Uniform

School uniform fosters pride in personal appearance and neatness. We therefore require parents to dress children in school uniform. 


Red Holy Cross cardigan or jumper, white shirt, tie, grey trousers or navy skirt/pinafore, grey socks or navy socks and black shoes 


Red Holy Cross Sweatshirt, Navy Holy Cross polo shirt, navy sweatpants, socks and black velcro pumps

PE Kit: PE kit is required for all children 

Red Holy Cross T-shirt with navy shorts (can be purchased from the school office for £13) with trainers/black pumps. Leggings/Tracksuit bottoms can be worn in Winter. 

Outdoor clothing

A Holy Cross Coat can also be purchased with the school uniform. 

Please ensure that your child has his/her name on all items of school clothing.

The school cannot take responsibility for lost items of property. However any property found will be sent to the appropriate area and every attempt will be made to return it to the correct child.


All uniform (except PE shirt) embroidered with the school logo can be purchased from: 

Trutex Schoolwear, 48-50 London Road, Liverpool, L3 5NF, 0151 709 7009.

PE kits, ties and book bags can be purchased from the school office.


If you need any support purchasing the school uniform please contact the school office on