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SEND Information

SEN & Disability Provision

Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)


At Holy Cross, we embrace the differences that each child brings with them, and therefore aknowledge that the educational needs of every child vary. This is certainly the case for children with special educational needs and disabilities. 


There are a variety of additional needs that children may have. This is not to say that these children will be performing below age related expectation academically in every instance. Additional needs may be related to health, emotions, behaviour or learning. We aim to identify and address these needs through our school’s inclusive practice.  


Key Contacts

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) is Mrs Bannon. She can be contacted via the school office. 

Tel 0151 236 9505


Or by email 

The SEND Governor is Mr Con Buckley. 

The SENCo ensures that all staff follow the SEND Code of Practice to support the needs of our pupils. This may be provided through carefully differentiated work, additional support by an adult in a small group, one to one teaching time with a Teaching Assistant or using specialist services from outside the school. 


Work with Outside Agencies

At Holy Cross we liaise closely with a wide range of outside agencies such as:

Educational Psychologist


ADHD Foundation

Speech and language Therapy


Play Therapy

Outreach Support

SENISS (Special Educational Needs Inclusion Support Service)

Health and Social Services

School’s Family Support Service

Occupational Therapy

Educational Welfare Officer

SEN Consortia


Personalised Learning Passports

The SENCo liaises with each agency to review the programme in place for individual pupils. The specialist advice will be incorporated into a child’s Learning Passport where strategies and resources to use to support a child are recorded.


By carefully addressing individual needs we aim to ensure that every child at Holy Cross is given every opportunity to achieve their full potential. 


Please click this link to Liverpool's Local Offer. Here you can search for a wide range of services and activities that are available to children and families with additional needs. 

SEND Policy and Information Report

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