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Holy Cross Catholic Primary School PE.

 At Holy Cross we place a high priority upon Physical Education and Sports. Our aim is to provide a fun and challenging environment where children can experience a range of opportunities to try to develop their aptitude within PE and Sports

Children receive weekly PE lessons by Class Teachers recently supported by voluntary student Sport Specialists.  Similarly, the Foundation Stage outside area provides daily opportunities for children in Reception and Nursery to develop their motor skills.


Swimming is timetabled for KS2 from Autumn through to the Summer terms, Y6 are given the opportunity for the School Sports Partnership in Liverpool ‘Top Up’ sessions at the end of the summer term before the transition to secondary school.


Additionally the Y4/5/6 have a Residential to Colomendy in the summer term and there are Fun Sports days during the summer term in school, providing all the children with numerous opportunities of different activities and sports.

The school has a range of resources for curriculum and extra-curricular physical activity; including:

  • Athletics, Tag Rugby, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket and Football equipment
  • Active playtime equipment for lunchtimes.


Our priority is to continue to offer and further enhance: After-school clubs, develop competitive sports with representative teams from school and provide the variety and level of activity to ensure that any child, of any ability can find enjoyment and fulfilment through personal accomplishment. The school has a high profile within the community and is keen to optimise every opportunity to forge links with organisations within the local community. ‘Active Lifestyles’ provide the school with free passes for the use of the local swimming facilities.

All children at Holy Cross enjoy a healthy lifestyle at school and we are committed to promoting healthy living.

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