Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Pupil Ambassadors

Holy Cross School Ambassadors


The Holy Cross School Ambassadors are groups of children who are responsible for different curriculum areas in school. They represent the views of other pupils and make a positive contribution towards school life.  Our ambassadors meet at different times of the school year to discuss projects or any ideas about their specialised area in school and any matters their class would like to raise.  They plan and carry out a variety of different projects, events and activities and then will evaluate the outcomes and impact of they have had on the children and community at Holy Cross.


What qualities do School Ambassadors need?

Our School Ambassadors need to be:

  • Approachable; that is someone that other people feel comfortable coming up and talking to.
  • Organised
  • Caring
  • Hardworking
  • Good listeners
  • Good at communicating ideas and opinions clearly
  • Responsible
  • Considerate
  • Committed
  • Cheerful and enthusiastic
  • Get along well with people
  • Have good concentration
  • Helpful
  • Fair
  • Respect other people’s ideas ~ be open minded
  • Kind
  • Confident ~ don’t be shy
  • Don’t think about yourself and what you want ~ you’re there to speak for everyone
  • Patient
  • Reliable
  • Creative
  • Understanding 


What School Ambassadors are there at Holy Cross?

  • Wellbeing Champions/PSHE Ambassadors
  • Worship Warriors
  • Faith In Action Group
  • English Ambassadors
  • Maths Ambassadors
  • Digital Leaders
  • Attendance Ambassadors
  • Science Ambassadors
  • Eco Warriors
  • History Ambassadors
  • Arts Ambassadors (Music, Art and DT)
  • PE Ambassadors
  • Spanish Ambassadors


What do School Ambassadors do at Holy Cross?

The things ambassadors are expected to do are ...

  • Speak on behalf of the rest of their class
  • Make important decisions about different things
  • Attend meetings throughout the year and give up their own time to do project work
  • Take everyone’s comments seriously
  • Report back to their class all of the decisions that the ambassadors make and inform them about any events that will be taking place


What up-coming events are the Ambassadors leading at Holy Cross?


Eco Warriors-Planting in the school gardens

English Ambassadors-Class Reading Spines and Reading Logs

Maths Ambassadors-Maths Party

Wellbeing Champions-Sensory Room, Pupil Voice for safety, fairness and school environment, Anti-Bullying Week Assembly, Acts of Kindness,

Wellbeing Champions and Worship Warriors- Reviewing Wellbeing Garden designs. 

PE Ambassadors – New playground equipment for the Active Break and Lunch Play initiative. 

History Ambassadors – Remembrance Day videos and posters.

-Disability History Month assembly, resources and activities.

Worship Warriors, Faith In Action Group – Messy Church parent and child activity, CAFOD World Gifts, Human Rights Day, Christmas Singing, poems and cards for the local community.

Arts Ambassadors – Christmas Play and Carol Concert.



Wellbeing Champions – Mental Health Week, Random Acts of Kindness Day, United Against Bullying-Pupil Voice, Action Planning and Final Audit.

Wellbeing Champions, Worship Warriors, Faith In Action Group – International Day of Peace Assembly and prayer. 

Digital Leaders – E-Safety Poster Competition for Safer Internet Day. 

Maths Ambassadors – NSPCC Number Day ‘dressed as a digit’.

Worship Warriors 

Fundraising for The Good Shepherd Appeal, School Pilgrimage activity. 

Year 5 and 6 - Worship Warriors, Wellbeing Champions, Maths Ambassadors, Faith In Action Group – 50/50 Enterprise Challenge.

Arts Ambassadors – Easter Assemblies.



Year 2 Eco Warriors - travel tracker.  

Worship Warriors - Mary’s Meals-Pray In May

History Ambassadors – Community History Month and VE Day-assembly and activities.

Wellbeing Champions, PE Ambassadors – Walk to school week. 

Science Week – Science Week-Connections 

Spanish Ambassadors – Spanish Culture day. 

Eco Warriors – World Environment Day 

Wellbeing Champions, Worship Warriors/CAFOD Club-Year 5 -Refugee ‘On the Move’ project for Refugee Week. 

Science Ambassadors – Science show and assembly 

PE Ambassadors – Sports Day.

Careers Week 

Arts Ambassadors – Arts Festival.


On-going Responsibilities

Attendance Ambassadors-Weekly attendance class trackers and display. 

Arts Ambassadors (Music, Art and DT)-support and lead singing and actions in class and whole school singing sessions, support and lead activities in Art and DT lessons.

Spanish Ambassadors-Weekly leading games. 

Wellbeing Champions, Worship Warriors-Wellbeing Garden Project