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Welcome to Nursery!


The children in Nursery are taught by Mrs Pinchi and are supported by Mrs Rice and Miss Shields. We hope that you will visit this page often and find it useful in keeping up to date with your child's learning experiences.



We celebrated the end of year with an international day. The children and their lovely families looked fantastic in their traditional clothes. We sampled some amazing food from the different countries around the world, it was delicious! Thank you to all the families and friends that made the afternoon so special!


Good luck to all Nursery 2 that are going into Reception Class! Have a lovely holiday and we will see Nursery 1 at the start of the Autumn term.


Thank you for your support.


Mrs Pinchi and Mrs Rice



Our potatoes have grown!

In the Spring we planted potato seeds. Look at the potatoes that have grown. We washed them and then Katie helped us to make a potato salad, yum yum!!

Time to fly away!

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly 
Out of the eggs hatched our caterpillars. They grew very big and they made cocoons. Then they changed into beautiful butterflies and laid new eggs. What do you think will happen next?

Fun in the sun

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The children and Early Years team have been celebrating as yesterday we received the Quality Mark Status. Everyone has worked so hard and today we celebrated with a pool party..

We loved the slide!

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We love the sunshine!

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The children have settled back into Nursery after the half term break. The text that we will be looking at this next half term is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The story tells the life cycle of a butterfly and also hints at the importance of eating healthy. We have just received some very tiny little caterpillar eggs which have already hatched. The caterpillars are growing fast and we hope that they will soon make a cocoon and eventually turn into lovely butterflies, just like in the story we are reading.  

The Very Hungry Caterpillar written by Eric Carle and told by Nursery

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The children are using 'talk for write' to help them retell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The children are getting so good at telling their favourite stories, drawing pictures and then labeling their pictures.

Nursery 1

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Even the youngest children are beginning to retell stories.

Healthy Eating

Fruit Printing


Adding 1 more

Growing Cress

We planted cress seeds onto cotton wool to see if they would grow without soil. What do you think happened? Our cress grew and we made some delicious cheese and cress sandwiches. We compared our cress to shop cress and while ours did not look as good, ours smelt and tasted better!


Building a Bridge of Books

This week we had an artist visit and our children, with the help of their parents, made beautiful story boxes. The children then told their stories.....what fantastic imaginations they  have!
We love Rugby Tots!

Planting Cress

We have been experimenting to see if we can grow cress without soil. We have planted some cress seeds on cottonwool, do you think it will grow?

Building a Bridge of Books

This week parents and children made a breakfast of ‘American Style Pancakes.’ Wow they look delicious!

Mark Making Outdoors

Building a Bridge of Books

The children have been learning all about the people in the community that help us and we were thrilled when the firefighters agreed to pay us a visit! The children really enjoyed climbing inside the fire engine trying on the helmets and using the water hoses!

Building a Bridge of Books

Our parents and children had a fantastic time this week, with Building a Bridge of Books as everyone walked to St Johns Gardens. The buildings in Liverpool are very impressive and the children enjoyed spending time looking at the sights as they walked through town. Thank you to Mrs Rice and our parents!

Jack and the Beanstalk

We love the outdoors and this is what we have been up to in the Early Years Garden. 

The Mud Kitchen

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We like to use the mud kitchen for making mud pies and other wonderful recipes.

Watering the flowers

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We planted lots of bulbs in September and now the daffodils and tulips are in flower the children enjoy watering them.

Helping with jobs

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Reception help us to tidy and clean the outdoor area.

Stick People

The children have settled back into Nursery after the Easter holidays and are very excited about our new topic Jack and the Beanstalk. We have read the story and have started to plant magic beans. We are hoping to grow very tall beanstalks!

Planting Magic Beans

The children have been very busy in our outdoor creative area. We have been using natural resources to create collage and paintings. Can you name any of the natural materials that you see?

Expressive Art and Design

Our Clever Parents

This week for Building a Bridge of Books our parents created their very own books. Look at the fabulous designs!

Easter Disco Fever

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The children enjoyed dancing!

Moving to the beat!

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Fantastic Moves

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Movers and Shakers

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Happy Easter

Thank you so much for helping the children create such beautiful Easter bonnets. They really are amazing!

Our Easter Bonnet Parade.

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We have winners!

More fabulous bonnets!

An Easter Egg and Spoon Race

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On your marks get set go!

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Don’t drop your egg!

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One hand behind your back please.

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Easter Nest Cakes

Using Technology

The science club came to visit Nursery and look what we made...

Not just a stick!

Working with clay.

Writing is Everywhere!

Making a rainbow with powder paint.

The Long and Winding Road by Nursery

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The Naughty Bus

The children in Nursery have a very keen interest in fire engines, trucks and buses. Being in the city centre we can hear the traffic and the children often say “I can hear a fire engine going past?” We have talked about what we would like to be when we grow up and some children said that they would like to drive a fire engine or a bus. We decided to start our new topic by reading the story of the Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. We do hope it is not a Naughty Bus just an adventurous bus.

Building a town for the Naughty Bus




Happy Chinese New Year!

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Over the weekend some children had been to the Chinese New Year celebrations in town and wanted to know more about the lion and the dragon. We researched and read the stories, we then made our own lion and used it in our role-play.

A Chinese Banquet

Making Our Lion

Our chicks have grown!

The chicks are growing fast.

Let’s go exploring!

A weekend away.

The chicks are having a weekend break at Mrs Rices house!

Getting their new home ready.

One more to go.

Two more to go.

Three more to go.

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Our chicks are very noisy!

Good morning chicks!!

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Look whats arrived in Nursery...
Outdoor Maths
Maths is all around us in Nursery! When we are outside we can use money in our bike shop, order the ladybirds in our garden and count with the Numicon. We are becoming very independent at working out Maths problems. We love maths!

We Love Maths!

Show Time

In Nursery we have made our very own stage for Show Time. We have been listening to The Beatles and enjoy playing along to their songs. We have learnt that The Beatles were a Liverpool band that wrote lots of amazing songs. We can play all kinds of musical instruments and love to explore the different sounds that can be made. 

A Weekend With Everywhere Bear

Happy New Year and welcome back to Nursery! The children have quickly settled into Nursery routines once again. There are lots of new and exciting activities/topics to look forward to this half term. The first text that we are reading is The Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson. Each Friday one of the children will get to take The Everywhere Bear home with them. Can they please draw a picture of themselves with the Bear and then return it back to Nursery on Monday. 



What adventure will the Everywhere Bear have with you?




Look who came to our Christmas party.

A Trip to the North Pole
We noticed that the weather outside is very icy and cold. We then looked at other places that also have very cold weather. We researched the different species of animals that live in cold places and then made a small world replica of the North Pole. 
Dancing on Ice!
Some of the children had seen the ice-rink at the Pier Head and said that they would love to be ice skaters. We decided to create our own small world ice-rink and so we put the dolls into ice cubes holders and then put them into the freezer. Now we have our very own dancing on ice!

We love maths!

We have maths meetings every day and we always look out for a maths champion. That is someone who wow's us with their super maths knowledge or makes fantastic progress.

We are maths champions!

In Nursery we love maths and so are very excited by our new maths outdoor furniture. We have had a fabulous maths sorting table which is filled with beautiful maths resources. Can you see our 'counting in fives' number line? I'm sure Reception will help us learn to count in fives. Look out for photos and videos of us using our new beautiful maths equipment! smiley

We have lovely new outdoor furniture!

Not just a bike ride!

We are developing our gross motor skills by riding bikes around the Nursery garden. To ensure we are still learning all areas of the EYFS we have made a bike shop. Now we can learn about money when we buy a bike or pay for our bikes to be washed. We can use the phone and computer to make bookings for a bike service and we can write out a receipt for our customers. 

The Bike Shop

Calderstones Park
This week we visited Calderstones Park. We had so much fun collecting leaves jumping in muddy puddles and acting out the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. We even had time to visit the ice-cream parlour!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The children have been reading the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. The children have used different props to decorate the outdoor area so that they could act out the story. The children enjoyed reading the repeated refrains within the text and are now beginning to retell the story independently.  

Follow the link to hear the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' told by Nursery.

The link uses Chatta to record the children's learning. Look out for information about 'Chatta' later in the year!
We have looked closely at the Bear's features and we noticed it had two googly eyes, big furry ears and sharp claws. 

Budding Artists....painting the bear.

The Baptism  
In Religious Education the children have been learning about what it means to be baptised. We looked at story books, shared photos and then used role-play to develop our understanding.
The Queens Knickers
The second half of Autumn Term we have been reading the story of The Queens Knickers by Nicholas Allan and learning about British Values. We discovered that the Queen lives in London and likes corgi dogs. We painted a portrait of the Queen and had a tea party with scones, cream and jam. We have transformed our reading area into Buckingham looks very posh! 
Parent Workshops
Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend the Maths, Physical Development and Literacy workshops. We hope you found them useful.
Commotion in the Ocean
The first half of the Autumn term the children have been exploring the storybook 'Commotion in the Ocean' by Giles Andreae and David Wojtowycz. This text as supported the discussion of holidays and what the children did over the summer break. Thank you for sending in your holiday photos the children really enjoyed sharing them with the class. We have learnt the names of sea creatures and some of the very unusual features they have. The children were very glad that they did not have to walk sideways like the crab! We have also been very busy changing our reading area and giving it a seaside theme. We have painted some lovely sea creatures and experimented with bubble painting. We are really looking forward to you visiting Nursery for the Curriculum meeting on Wednesday 27th September where you will be able to see the lovely art work displayed around Nursery.