Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Attendance Ambassadors 2023-2024

Smyths & McDonalds Trip

Well done to our 100% Attendance winners from Autumn Term. As their reward they went to Smyths to spend their £30 voucher before having McDonalds for lunch.

Golden Ticket Winners

On Tuesday 30th January, our golden ticket attendance winners from last half term went on their reward trip to Gravity Max in Liverpool One. They had a game of bowling before having some lunch. Well done to you all!

Autumn 2- Attendance Winners

Year 3- Best Class Attendance Afternoon

Half Term 1- Attendance Winners

Well done to our two attendance hamper winners for Autumn 1. 

Ambassador Shopping Trip

Three of our Attendance Ambassadors went out to Home Bargains to select items for our Christmas Attendance Hampers. They had to ensure that they stuck to a budget and got items that were suitable for everyone in school. 


We think they have done a great job!

Year 2- Best Class Attendance Winners Autumn 1

To celebrate winning best class attendance in Autumn 1 Year 2 had a spooky movie afternoon on Monday 23rd October. Well done Year 2!

100% Attendance Raffle

All children with 100% in Autumn 1 will be entered into a raffle to win one of the Spooky Hampers above. 



We have a statutory duty to monitor your child’s attendance. If your child has poor attendance we will send you a letter so you have the opportunity to support your child to improve their attendance. If the attendance does not improve we will have to issue warning letters, ask for medical evidence and invite you into school for a meeting. If the attendance still does not improve you may be issued with a Penalty Notice or Court Proceedings.


To encourage good attendance pupils will be celebrated/rewarded for 100% attendance whether this is weekly, monthly, termly or for the whole year. Best class attendance each half term will receive a fun afternoon (will change depending on the season). We will also have regular four week challenges; with all children with 100% attendance during this period being enter into a raffle for a themed hamper. 


For minor illness children can still be brought into school, all staff are first aid trained and we can call you to collect your child if they are unwell during the school day. Any medication prescribed by your doctor can be given to children throughout the day. A medication form can be filled out in the school office.


Please, when possible try to keep any appointments outside of school time. But if this is not possible we will need to see your child’s appointment letter/text.



Holidays during term time will not be authorised. If you decide to take your child out of school for a holiday you will receive a penalty notice.


Attendance Figures

The minimum attendance that is expected for the local authority is 97%

95% attendance = 10 days your child has been absent (2 weeks of school missed)

90% attendance- 19 days your child has been absent (almost four weeks of school missed)

85% attendance- 29 days your child has been absent (almost 6 weeks)

80% attendance- 38 days your child has been absent (this is over 7 weeks of school missed)



It is also extremely important that your child arrives on time for school each day. Even being a few minutes late disrupts their education as well as the other children in their class.

Arriving 5 minutes late to school everyday add ups to over 3 days each year

Arriving 15 minutes late to school everyday adds up to 2 weeks absence a year

Arriving 30 minutes late to school everyday equals almost 4 weeks absence a year.