Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 class page!


I am Mrs Griffiths, one of the lucky teachers of Year 6 and I look forward to sharing all of the exciting learning that is happening in our classroom with you all here. I am extremely fortunate to share our wonderful class of Year 6 children this year with Mrs Reece. 

Already, our class have demonstrated a positive attitude towards their learning and they are determined to have an enjoyable and successful time during their final year here at Holy Cross. Year 6 is a year filled with lots of new learning and new challenges which I know our children will embrace and they will be continuing to build upon the learning they have accomplished along their school journeys. If you would like to explore our Year 6 curriculum further, to find out more about what we will be learning and when, why not visit our 'Curriculum Page'? 


P.E is currently taking place on a Monday and Tuesday  whereby the children will take part in yoga, and Rugby Tots sessions. Please ensure that your child arrives to school in full P.E kit ready for their lessons. It is vital for the children to wear full P.E kit so they can take part in the P.E sessions safely and comfortably.


Your child has been given access to Purple Mash, Mathletics, Timestable Rockstars, Spelling Shed and Read Theory. Please allow your child to access these websites at home to continue their learning.


Reading is a vitally important aspect of your child's learning and here at Holy Cross reading is central to the majority of our curriculum. We continue to actively encourage children to read every night and record what they have read in the reading records that we have provided. Please listen to your child read where possible and write what they have read in their Reading Record. In year 6, we are aware that many of our children enjoy reading independently which is fantastic so please encourage them to record any independent reading they participate in in their reading records. Your child should bring their Reading Record into school in their school book-bag on a daily basis so that they can continue to read at school. 


In Year 6, homework is given once a week as it forms part of their preparation for the end of key stage assessments (SATs). Every Friday they will receive homework that is to be returned to school on Monday. The purpose of this homework is to review and consolidate what the children have learnt during the week. The homework will often be provided in the form of CGP books that the school have purchased, however, online homework via Mathletics and Purple Mash etc. will also continue to be set throughout the year when required.


Year 6 will also complete weekly arithmetic/reasoning tests in class which they are to take home and revise from. The children should identify areas of the test that they find challenging. The children are encouraged to come and see us in the morning if they are unsure on any of the questions and we can go through these together.


If you or your child are ever unsure on a piece of homework, please do not hesitate to speak to me. A positive work ethos makes all the difference to your child's learning, so your support from home is welcomed and encouraged. In addition, if your child has commitments outside of school which impacts on the time they have available to complete work set for home, we actively encourage them to come along to Breakfast Club in which they would have the time, resources and support to complete it.


We would like to thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Griffiths & Mrs Reece

Crucial Crew 

We visited Crucial Crew to learn about keeping ourselves safe as we are becoming more independent.

This included presentations from School Health, British Transport Police, The Drug Awareness Team, The Road Safety Team and Scottish Power. During the sessions, we learned about keeping safe on the railways on the roads  and around electricity; how to keep physically and mentally healthy and about the dangers of drugs. We really enjoyed the day and have added to our knowledge of keeping safe.



PSHE- Crucial Crew

Art - textiles

In our art topic, we have been learning to create batik prints. We sketched an image onto textile using one point perspective. We then used a tjanting tool to create a was relief over our images. This was tricky and took a lot of concentration. Finally we added printing ink to create colour and the wax was ironed out. We are very proud of our batik designs

Batik art

Design and Technology- Food technology

In design and technology, we have been investigating healthy forms of snacks. We looked at street food from South America which  uses a lot of fruit and vegetables so are full of nutrients, rather than sugary and fatty snacks.

We investigated recipes for burritos to design and make our own.

We learned several techniques and key vocabulary for working with food  and how to work with a sharp knife safely. Some of theses were: drain,  ribbon, de-seed, shred, peel, grate, slice, dice, chop. Finally, we made and enjoyed our burritos and considered whether we would swap them for our usual snacks.


Making and enjoying our burritos

Athletics Competition.

Children from Y5 and Y6 attended a local athletics competitions where we competed against other local schools. The children participated in a range of activities including: relay races, javelin, chest push, speed bounce, vertical jump and long jump. All of the children who attended had a wonderful afternoon, expressed fantastic sportsmanship skills and represented our school perfectly. We are so proud of you all! 

Holy Cross Halloween Disco!


Year 6 enjoyed their spooky celebrations at the class disco. The children enjoyed showing off their dance moves, winning medals for their efforts and finishing off the fun with a huge conga line!

Year 6 Halloween Disco

Science - Classifying Animals!


Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed our 'Name Game' with post-it notes during our science lesson! Working in pairs, the children used specific, scientific questions to identify the vertebrate that their partner had secretly assigned them. They were able to use lots of scientific vocabulary, referencing many of the different characteristics that we have been studying.

Classifying vertebrates

Liverpool Maths Party!


Our class have enjoyed some fun maths activities, puzzles and yummy snacks to participate in the city-wide celebration of maths. Sudoku, Battleships, brain teasers and a Monopoly-style game were some of the activities the children enjoyed. They were able to practise their mental and written calculations, read and identify co-ordinates and add and subtract decimals in the context of money. 

Liverpool Maths Party

Holy Cross Bake Off...


Some of our wonderful year 6 pupils were chosen to help set up and run the Holy Cross Bake Off competition, in which, all of the classes were invited to bake and bring in cakes of all shapes and sizes ... and they certainly did not disappoint!

Our year 6 pupils were a credit to our school community and they were extremely sensible, helpful and friendly to all throughout. 

This was also a great opportunity for them to utilise their maths skills; dealing with money in a real-life context.

Well done year 6!

Holy Cross Bake Off

Year 6's Bake Off Winner!



Every Friday morning, year 6 enjoy their weekly Spanish lesson with our fabulous Spanish teacher, Juani. 

year 6 have been recapping the different family members and have been learning the names for the different professions. They have worked hard, orally rehearsing sentences that include family memebers' and their professions, as well as completing written activities and competing in fun games to test their knowledge of 'gender' in the language - this they love to do! 



This Autumn term, year 6 are learning about 'self-image online' and they have been exploring what safe online relationships look like. 

As part of this topic, we took part in a 'Block or Reply' voting game, in which the children voted on how to respond to different scenarios. We also learned about the different laws that are in place to protect us and keep us safe online. The children were able to confidently take part in a card-sorting activity and correctly identified which scenarios matched the different laws.