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During our Forces lesson, the children found out that gravity causes objects of the same size and shape but of different mass to fall at the same rate. We discussed Galileo’s experiment and how it proves this. Class 4 were surprised to find out that it is air resistance that often causes objects with less mass to fall more slowly.


Then, we had lots of work to do. A Super Skydiving Company were redesigning the parachute they use to allow people to perform skydives from aeroplanes. They wanted to make sure the parachute they use is perfect, and allows their customers to fall from the aeroplane as slowly and safely as possible. Class 4 investigated a helpful effect of air resistance, by finding the best design for their new parachute.


Class 4 tested different materials, shapes and sizes to find the best parachute design. The perfect parachute will be the one that makes a person fall the slowest. It will cause air resistance to push it up with the biggest force.

Class 4 planned their investigation. Then, they created three different parachutes with different materials, shapes or sizes. Keeping the other variables the same. The children then tested which parachute took the longest to fall to the ground.
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