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Farmer Teds

Our visit to Farmer Ted's.

We enjoyed meeting the Guinea pigs.
We stroked the rabbits.
We learnt different facts about the animals.
We had to be very gentle.
They were very soft and fluffy.
We enjoyed the climb and slide.
The slide was very fast.
All of the children and the adults loved it!
We met some mini beasts.
We learnt lot's of interesting facts.
We got to stroke them.
We were very brave!
We enjoyed our encounter.
Mrs Rice wasn't scared!
The snake was Mrs Oprey's favourite.
Miss Rice held a wriggly snake.
We enjoyed the tractor ride.
We got to see all of the animals on the farm.
The horses were called Shire horses.
We really enjoyed the Ferret racing.
The ferrets were very quick.
We enjoyed playing in the park with our friends.
Talah enjoyed the swings.
WIktoria was able to swing high!
James won the race!
Miss Cathcart enjoyed racing Miss Cathcart!
We had a really fun day!
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