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WWII events

Dear Parents/ Guardians, as you know, our current topic in Class 4 is WW2. There are many events taking place in Liverpool to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Blitz. Many of the different events are taking place on the 1st and 2nd May, when the children are off school for May Bank Holiday Weekend.

Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Museum of Liverpool will host a programme of events from 1-10 May to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Liverpool Blitz. Which have been listed below.


I've also listed details of the 'Out of the Darkness' project at St Luke's Church (The Bombed Out Church) below. The children in Class 4 have created beautiful lanterns for this project and they will be displayed at the event.

Events include:
Merseyside Maritime Museum
Never at sea, 1 May, 1.30, 2.30 and 3.30pm
Liverpool played a vital part in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War Two. Come along to hear about the top secret work carried out underneath the streets of the city with our 'Wren', May. Suitable for ages 8+.

Wartime at the Piermaster’s House, 1 May, at intervals 1-4pm
Join us in the 1940s to find out what life in Liverpool was really like during World War Two.

See Winston Churchill, 1, 2 May, at intervals 1-4pm
Come and meet Britain's great wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, as he wanders through the museum.

‘Bless em all’ 1940s variety show, 2 May, 1.30 and 2.30pm
Let Pocket Panto take you back to the 1940s with this fantastic variety show. Featuring songs and sketches made famous by Vera Lynn, Gracie Fields, Flanagan and Allen and sketches such as ‘In The Box’ and a spectacular turn from the Andrews Sisters!

Spirit of the Blitz crafts, 2 May, 1-4pm
Drop into our hands on workshop for some wartime crafts. You can make your own gas mask or design a medal to take home.

Museum of Liverpool

Crafternoons, 2-7 May, 1.30-4pm
A fun way to learn a little about our history by making your own ARP wardens helmet and choose what you might pack as an evacuee.
Curatorial Talk: The May Blitz, 3 May, 3-3.40pm
Join one of our curators as they share their knowledge on this moment in history and its impact on Liverpool.
Remember When..? , 5 May, 3-3.30pm
Enjoy a nostalgic look back at the Liverpool of our childhoods and those of our families.
We’ll Meet Again, 3 May, 12-3.30
Come along to share their stories of the Liverpool Blitz, take part in activities from past and present, have a look at our object collection of the era and celebrate life to the sounds of the 40’s.
Walk, 5 May, 2-3pm
Journey through the last 100 years and remember how the May blitz changed the lives of Liverpudlians as we explore some of the stories and objects from Liverpool's past. Especially suited to older visitors, these gallery tours are part of our wider House of Memories programme.

Visit the Piermaster’s House
Journey back in time at the Piermaster’s House, a charming 1940s wartime home, between Albert Dock and the Pier Head.
This wartime house features décor and objects from the 1940s and offers a glimpse into home life during the Second World War.


Merseyside Blitz: An Unconquered People


BBC Radio Merseyside is to host a major event to commemorate the Merseyside Blitz – 75 years after enemy bombers targeted the region relentlessly during the Second World War.


Merseyside Blitz - an Unconquered People will be staged at 7.30pm at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral on Tuesday 3rd  May, and recorded for later broadcast on BBC Radio Merseyside. We will remember and reflect on the devastating bombardment of Liverpool, and areas close to the city, during an evening of music, poetry and drama.


Presenters Tony Snell and Linda McDermott will host the evening.

Acclaimed Merseyside writer Frank Cottrell Boyce and Liverpool poet Roger McGough will perform poetry and prose for the event. A cast of local actors - including Craig Charles, Leanne Best and Eileen O’Brien will bring to life the words and memories of the people who lived through the Blitz.

The event will feature a the Valley Brass Band, 160-strong SingMersey choir, soprano Rachael Russell, and champion Barbershop Quartet Hannah & the Hurricanes, with music from the 1940s and beyond as the story of Merseyside’s bombardment, and subsequent recovery from the ruins, is told through the words of the people who lived through it.


The event is being held at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral at 7:30pm Tuesday 3 May.

Tickets will be on sale at the price of £17.50 and £22 and are available from

Booking Line: 0844 8000 410 (Open 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm Sunday & Bank Holidays)

Box Office: TicketQuarter Queen Square Centre, Queen Square, Liverpool, L1 1RG. Open 9am-6pm Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm Sun & Bank Holidays.

The costs of the tickets will pay for the staging of the event. Terms and conditions apply -

Out of the Darkness: The haunting story of the Liverpool Blitz, brought to life through sound and light. 6th – 8th May 2016. 9pm - 10pm.


Out of the Darkness is a tribute to the victims of the Liverpool Blitz told through one of the city’s most iconic buildings, St Luke’s Church from 6th – 8th May 2016.


To mark the 75th anniversary of the May Blitz, St Luke’s Church – known affectionately as ‘The Bombed out Church’ – will be transformed by a FREE moving light and sound display. The story of St Luke’s will be told between 9pm and 10pm each evening as the former church is illuminated with lights and stunning visuals as projections are beamed on screens placed in the windows. The display will be accompanied with a moving soundscape featuring a ten minute film rolling throughout the hour.


From 8pm each evening – prior to the show – thousands of stained-glass lanterns will light up the garden, signifying the lives that were lost in one of the country’s worst bombing periods of the Second World War.


St Luke’s Church was hit on May 6th, 1941 leaving just a burnt out shell which has since stood as a memorial to the thousands of people who lost their lives during the Liverpool Blitz.

Amber and Jason visited BBC radio Merseyside to tell everyone about what they'd learnt about the Blitz and to tell everyone about the lanterns they had made for the Out of the Darkness event. 
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