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Year 6



 Welcome to Year 6

 Hi  I'm Miss O'Keeffe and  welcome to Year 6. We all know Y6 is a really important year for lots of different reasons:

  •  Last year at Holy Cross
  •  Oldest in the school
  •  Responsibility
  •  Learning
  •  Hard Work
  •  End of Year ....SATS!
  •  Colomendy
  • Secondary School

  These are just a few! I'm sure you can think of many more, but most of all it should be ENJOYABLE!.

  All we ask is that you do your best and work hard and you will succeed.


 Mrs Bently , Miss Cathcart and I  are all here to help you and make your last year very special.


 Miss O'Keeffe





Year 6

This is your final year at Holy Cross and we want to make sure that it will be a memorable one.  As the oldest pupils you will be able to contribute so much through your talents, skills, experiences and personal maturity, as you help us to lead the school through the next year.

Throughout the year we have to work hard and this is what we will be doing this term:

LITERACY: Spell words with prefixes and suffixes. Write complex sentences, using connectives. Plurals and word roots

Grammar and Punctuation: Know about active and passive verbs, clauses, conditional sentences, complex sentences, connectives and punctuation

Read, comment on and write text, including poetry using personification; stories with flashbacks, play scripts, journalism eg newspaper reports; discussion texts and persuasion.

Handwriting; improving our cursive style.

Guided Reading, Daily reading in small groups, discussing the author’s purpose and use of language. Retrieving facts ,interpreting and deducting information from different texts;  stories, newspapers, reports and factual books.

MATHS: tables to 12x12; mental calculations with whole numbers, negative numbers, fractions and decimals and percentages;

Convert between mm, cm and km; multiply by 10, 100, 1000; multiplication/division to 12x12; count in decimal/fraction steps. Know prime number and square numbers.

Measures: convert metric and imperial

Written work: positive and negative numbers, 3-place decimals on number lines; add/subtract, multiply/divide decimals and whole numbers; use inverse operations; approximation; divisibility tests.

Data handling eg; pie charts, mode, range, median and mean. 

Properties of shapes eg; parallel and perpendicular edges.

Problem Solving: using all the skills you have learnt.

SCIENCE: Electricity, investigating batteries with light-bulbs and buzzers.

Animals including humans: Identify and name the main parts of the human circulatory system, explain the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood.

Recognise the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyles on the way their bodies function.

Describe the way in which nutrient and water are transported within animals and humans.


Family,Loving: God’s unconditional love

Baptism/ Confirmation: Belonging.

Advent : The season of preparation


HISTORY: Who were the Viscous Vikings; carrying out research on the Viking home life, the journey of the Vikings to Britain. We will also look at how and why the Vikings invaded Britain, comparing the Vikings and the Anglos Saxons through research and designing information posters, write a diary extract o reflect the life of a Viking child, produce an imagery poem to reflect the journey of a Viking to Britain.

GEOGRAPHY: How do we save the Rainforests; understanding what makes up a rainforest, investigating the rainforests of the world, using map work to identify the rainforests, researching and producing a fact file on the main features on a rainforest.  Write a persuasive argument to present a case to save the rainforests. Researching, designing and producing a PowerPoint presentation to present to the class on endangered animals found within a rainforest, producing a pamphlet on the importance of the Amazon rainforest to South America.

ART:  Design Viking shields, portraits of a Viking, designing and painting a Viking long ship and sail, creating prints using large leaf templates of a rainforest as inspiration, creating rainforest sketches and producing a rainforest display for the classroom through use of paint and other craft materials.

COMPUTERS: Designing our own app, presenting a selling pitch for it, product design for the app using market research.

MUSIC: Compose, sing and perform your own music.

PE: Gymnastics: Balance- Friday



Homework is given every Friday. There is a book to keep all your homework in and it should be put in the cupboard on Monday mornings.




  Here are some ideas to help you through your year.


  • Arrive at school in good time – you can have a chat with friends before starting lessons.

  • Join in class discussions by listening and speaking; ask questions; listen to answers.

  • Ask when you need advice or help, but  don’t forget to think things through yourself

  • Be in school everyday so  you don’t miss out!

  • Be considerate of everyone - young and old
  • Try to be cheerful but always tell someone when you are sad or upset.
  • Be your best and do your best!




  • Write yourself a check list of what you need each day

  • Reading book, spelling book, PE   Kit,

  • Letters signed and returned

  • Pin the list up at home – on the fridge?
  • Pack your bag the night before. 
  • Check your bag before you leave home



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