Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Identifying different materials and comparing their physical properties

We began our new science topic on 'Everyday materials' by watching a video about materials.


We learnt that a material is something that an object is made from. We were also able to identify different objects and suggest the material that they were made from. We looked at some objects around our classroom.


We discussed and created a mind map of different materials that we knew of. 


We worked in groups to sort objects and identify the different materials that they are made from. We identified objects made from metal, plastic, glass, fabric, wood, paper and rock.


We had lots of fun investigating the different objects and the materials that they are made from. 


We asked questions such as; what is the object made from? What type of material is it? 


We then got to play the dice game; objects and materials. We had to roll the object dice and then the material dice and say if the object would be the same if it was made from that material. For example; a bike made from rock. We discussed within our different groups and then suggested a material that the object could be made from and why. 


By the end of the lesson we were all amazing at identifying and naming objects, as well as some of the materials that they are made from. 




Now, have a look at us discussing the different properties of everyday materials.

We learnt that the different properties of a material allow it to be useful for some jobs. Properties of a material are how the material can be described. 



On our tables we had different objects that were made from different everyday materials; we worked in groups to guess the object by describing the properties of its material. We recorded some of the questions that we asked our partners on post its to help us identify the objects.




We were able to identify properties of different materials and match them to objects!