Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Year 6

I am Mrs Griffiths, the lucky teacher of Class 6 and I would like to welcome you to our class page! Here is where we will keep you updated on all of the exciting and fun things we have been getting up to during the week. Class 6 are enthusiastic about their learning and they are proud to present their work to you on our website.


Class 6 are also extremely lucky to have Mrs Morgan who will be supporting us with our learning this year. Mrs Morgan will be with us for three mornings a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Why not have a look at our 'Curriculum Page' too and check out the interesting topics we will be learning about throughout the school year!


This year, PE lessons will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and during the first half of the Autumn Term and second half of the Summer Term, we will be travelling to Everton Sports Park for our important Swimming lessons. Pupils are required to have the full, appropriate kits for these activities to ensure they can take part comfortably and safely.


As you know, reading is a huge focus in our school and it can have a fantastic impact on pupils' learning across the different curriculum areas. In class 6, reading records are kept by the children and should be signed by an adult at home at least once a week. These records are checked by myself weekly.


In year 6, homework is of particular importance as pupils will be preparing to sit their end of Key Stage 2 SATs in May. The homework will be given out every Friday and is to be returned the following Monday. The purpose of homework is to review the pupils' work from the week but at times may revisit prior learning as a method of revision. Class 6 will also receive additional spelling lists to practise and these words can be located in their reading records where the year 5 and 6 curriculum spellings are listed. If you or your child are ever unsure on a piece of homework, please do not hesitate to speak to me.


I look forward to working with you this year!

Hello everyone! I thought I would send a message to you all to let you know that I am missing you all very much and cannot wait to see you again, hopefully very soon!

I am very proud of you all and of all the hard work you have been doing from home.


Aaron's Lockdown Projects! Aaron has been keeping very busy at home by using his DT skills to design and construct his very own Harry Potter wand! He has also written a wonderful poem all about his life in lockdown...

Yoga! This half term, Year 6 have enjoyed a relaxing and challenging session of yoga every Friday afternoon ... Namaste!

Evolution: The children explored the concept of evolution and used different stations to explore the different stages of human evolution!

Year 6 Map Work: Exploring our local area using 6 figure grid references...

Networking Safety with Year 6!

Science - Evolution & Inheritance Hook lesson!

Year 6 enjoyed our introductory lesson on Evolution & Inheritance! We created a ‘vine’ of ‘food’ using string and strawberry laces and the objective was for the selected pupils to get as many laces off the string as they could ... however, there was a catch! One pupil was allowed to use both hands, another was on their knees, one was only allowed to use a hand in an oven glove while the last was blindfolded. To be even more challenging, some of the laces were black to illustrate poisonous food in the wild! The children predicted who they think would succeed at the challenge and who would come last ... it would be ‘the survival of the fittest’! 

Judaism Week: Year 6 explored the Torah!

Year 6 enjoyed the Computing Workshop, exploring lots of different technology from the past ...

Viking Jewellery: Year 6 worked hard in Art to design and create their own Viking pendants!

Dribbling with Year 6! Practising our basketball skills ...

Maths - Exploring Place Value!

The children used a variety of resources and their reasoning skills to explore place value challenges. We used colourful M&Ms to create an abacus and solve problems in our maths journals!

Spanish - ‘Mi Familia’

Our Class Novel - The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas

We have been exploring our class novel, ‘The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas’, which the children are thoroughly enjoying. We have created a ‘role on the wall’ for the main character, Bruno, making inferences and selecting evidence from the text. We have also completed some wonderful sketches with our working partners, annotating using our fact retrieval skills. 

We have used clips from the film to study body language and facial expressions which helped us create excellent freeze frames inspired by Bruno’s reaction to the view from his window. 

Making Heart Chambers - The Circulatory System

Grammar Booster!

Constructing and scaling a Viking timeline ...

RE Class Trial: Should the Prodigal Son be allowed to return home?

Exploring Viking Artefacts - interpreting the images to find out more about the Viking people

Making Blood - Class 6 created their own blood using household materials to represent and explore the different components!

Collective Worship - Unconditional Love

Year 6 ask and answer questions about how too much sugar in our diets can impact our hearts.