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Welcome to Reception!


Miss Mitchell, Miss Brennan and Miss Shields are looking forward to working together with you for the rest of the year and getting to know your child, their interests and all of the things they can do.


As parents or carers, if there is anything you are concerned about we hope that you will feel comfortable approaching us to discuss such matters. As an Early Years Foundation Stage team, we want you and your children to feel happy and comfortable with our setting and if there are areas that you have concerns about we want to work with you to rectify these.


A few little reminders, please ensure that your child has the correct uniform, a book bag and a PE kit. These can be purchased from the main office. Please ensure that everything is clearly labelled to avoid any confusion.


We have started PE lessons which run on a Wednesday afternoon and so for health and safety reasons it is vital that all children have the correct PE kit, this consists of a red PE top, navy shorts and indoor pumps.


Book bags are important for all children to have as we have started sending home conversation books, and will be sending home number activities and words to learn. We aim to change books on a Friday. Having a book bag means that everything is contained in one place and that all children feel part of our school.


We look forward to working with you all as the year progresses.


Miss Mitchell, Miss Brennan (TA) and Miss Shields (TA)

Gathering Together

Making Granny's Magic Medicine

Parents Reading Workshop


Thank you to all the parents who attended our reading workshop. The children had such a fantastic time story telling, playing games, listening to stories and creating characters with their wonderful Mums, Dads and Nans. 

Celebrating Mass

Church Gathering
The Altar
Watching Mass celebration
The Priest and altar servers
The cross is placed on the altar
We light the candles
The parishioners sing from their hymn books
"The Lord be with you"
"and with your spirit"
Listening to the Word of God

Wearing yellow for children’s mental health!

Author Visit

Reception and Nursery had a special visit from award winning author - Jude Lennon. Jude introduced to to the exciting adventures of Lamby as he went to Space, went on a Pirate adventure and did some yoga! We loved listening, taking part and joining in with the stories. 

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance!

Still image for this video

Make it Count Maths Project - Week 4

This week we had Maths fun with dinosaurs! We played lots of fun games and sang some songs. Then we used to counting dinosaurs to help us find one more and one less than a given number. 

Make It Count Maths Project Week 3

This week, the children and their parents have been exploring the Numicon. We Looked at how the different coloured Numicon shapes represent different numbers and can also be used to help us add and count!


Make it Count Maths Project - Week Two

This week, the children and their parents have been creating shape pictures for Chinese New Year. They created a Chinese dragon from 2D shapes to share with the group. We had so much fun learning about the Great Race! We then ordered the zodiac animals from 1-12. 

Make it Count Maths Project - Week One

Some of the Reception children, together with their parents, have began taking part in our Maths Project. During week one, the children and their parents explored shapes. They went on a 2D shape hunt around the school and enjoyed making shape pictures with their family and friends. Well done to the wonderful Dad's for taking part! We can't wait for week two! 


The Priest says, "receive this white garment".
Priest blesses the baby over the baptismal font.
Godparents promise to teach the baby about Jesus.
The baptismal candle is taken home.
We clap to welcome the baby to Gods's family.

Collective Worship - My Special Name

Reception attend Year Two's 'Dogger' school fair.

Elmer Story Map

Once upon a time,
There was a herd of elephants all the same colour.
All except Elmer.
One night, Elmer set off
into the jungle.
Suddenly, he found a blackberry bush.
Elmer rolled himself in blackberries.
After that,
He looked like all the other elephants.
Elmer shouted BOO! All the elephants laughed.
Every year the elephants celebrated Elmer's day.
The End.

Our First Day in Reception!

We've had 9 4 9 7 1 Visitors