Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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What if our buildings were made of marshmallows?

 In the EYFS 'Understanding of the World' enables children to learn about Technology, People and Communities and the World. The children have enjoyed investigating their own 'What if?' questions. This has enabled them to predict, plan, explore, discover and experiment. They were able to contribute their ideas for our experiment.

James had visited London, sharing his experiences and photographs of landmarks and buildings in London. The children were keen to identify and discuss these buildings, talking about their experiences. This discussion progressed and the children began to research favourite landmarks and buildings in Liverpool. 

After this discussion the children posed the question 'What if our buildings were made of marshmallows?'.

First the children made predictions about what they thought would happen? 


'They would be squashy' 'They would be bouncy' and 'They would be yummy' were some of the ideas from the children. 


Most of the children decided that with enough marshmallows the buildings would be strong. We decided to find out!

They chose their favourite building and drew their design.

The children used their designs to make their buildings using wooden blocks. 

Can you name our buildings?

After that the children made their buildings again out of marshmallows.

They when then able to answer the question

'What if our buildings were made of marshmallows?'

Marshmallow buildings

The children found;


'The buildings didn't stand up',

'They fell down',

'They went all floppy',

'The clock on Big Ben wouldn't work' and 'The London Eye wouldn't go round and round'


Therefore the children came to the conclusion that you can't make our buildings out of marshmallows.