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Our School Family!

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Appreciation and respect for our own and other countries.

We have been celebrating and sharing our experiences this week about being proud to be a part of Britain.

We started by discussing our school family at Holy Cross. Everyday as a family in school we are making relationships and developing friendships.

We listened to each other, shared experiences of celebrations. We learned about differences and similarities of different families and where they live or are from. We looked at photographs of landmarks, traditional dress, food and families from Brunei, India, Poland and Iran.


We have been learning about different landmarks in our home of Liverpool. We looked at different buildings and places and were able to identify our favourite places to see and visit.

Some of the children made Liverpool landmarks using the play dough. Others were able to build and make using the construction to design their buildings.

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We talked about London. Lots of the children had visited London and were able to share their experiences. We discussed different places and important people who live in London. We talked about the Queen and Buckingham Palace. Some of the children were keen to use different media and materials to create the Queen and to build Buckingham Palace.

We went on a Holy Cross minibus tour of Liverpool. We were able to identify different places and landmarks.

Brit Party

Brit Party 1
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We had a Brit Party. We celebrated together our love, respect and tolerance for all of our similarities and differences. We showed how we are proud to be a part of Britain. We showcased our learning. The children came to school dressed as Queens, Kings, Princes, Princesses or in red, white and blue to represent the Great Britain flag. We ate British food and danced to popular British music.

In the afternoon we all competed in Britians Got Talent. 

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