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Our First Day

A Smooth Transition

Going to a setting for the first time, starting school or moving into a new class are seen by many as normal part of the lives of children. Yet transitions are milestone events for children and have an impact on their development. They are times of exciting change, times of new opportunities and growth and times to make new friends and meet new people. 

They can also be times of uncertainty where surroundings are not the same, expectations are different and faces as yet unfamiliar. 


Getting transition right is vital for every child, it should be viewed as a process rather than an event that involves children, practitioners and parents together. 

Transition is an ongoing journey rather than a destination. 



Our First Day

Dear Parents/ Carers

As your child takes their first important steps into school it is important for us, to know a little bit about your children before they start. 


Please share the names of family, friends or even pets that are important to your child, if you can add photographs.  This can be used to comfort your child as they are settling in.


Feel free to share everyday news/ things and interests, this will help us to have things to talk about with them and plan for their needs.  

All children are treated as individual and will have different wants, needs and likes. 


Bring photographs or certificates of any regular activities, it is always helpful to know such as swimming, dance classes, overnight stays with family and friends.


Let's celebrate achievements and milestones together, if your child has dressed themselves independently, slept in their own bed or tidied their room.  


Thank you for your continued support. 

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