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Year 3

I am Miss Kronenburg, the Year 3 class teacher. The children are also supported in their learning by Miss Mcardle on Wednesday afternoons. The children in Class 3 are fantastic learners. Explore our Class page to see some of the fantastic, exciting things we have done this year. You can also head over to our 'Curriculum' page to see more about what we are learning this year! 


This year, PE will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on Wednesday. It is vital for health and safety reasons that the children have the correct PE kit.


A positive work ethos makes all the difference to your child's learning, so your support from home is welcomed and encouraged. Reading is a very important aspect of learning, so we actively encourage children to read every night. It is important that your child has a book bag so they are able to take home their Reading Record and Reading book. Book bags can be purchased at the main office.


Every Friday, homework will be given out and is to be handed in before Thursday the following week. The children will also be given spellings to practise.

Global Learning.

This week some teachers from Hope University came to school and gave an assembly all about gender equality. Afterwards they came to our class and did several activities with us to explore the theme in more detail. 

Transport police.

We had a visit by two officers from the transport police. They taught us all about how to stay safe near railways. While they were in class, we did a quiz, got the chance to ask lots of questions and even got the chance to try on some uniform! 

Parineetha's diorama showing the story of Icarus.

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Jack's diorama showing the Trojan War.

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Albie's diorama showing the story of Herculese.

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DT: Creating the scene. 

To build our diorama we used old shoeboxes and cardboard. We had to create our setting buy painting a background. To make sure we did the best job, we first tested out water colour techniques in our sketchbooks. Once the scene was set we used cardboard to build extra scenery such as trees or gates. We also used other materials to add extra detail. Finally we attached our mechanisms using split pins. 


DT: Planning and prototypes.

We researched Greek myths and planned which story we wanted to tell. Next we sketched our designs and considered how we could make parts move. After that we made prototypes of our chosen mechanisms. 

DT: Researching moving parts.

For our DT project we are going to make dioramas that tell the stories of some Greek myths. We began by researching books that have moving parts. We considered what worked well  and what we could improve in our own designs. 

World religion week.

In year 3 we learnt all about Islam. We researched the main festivals celebrated as part of the religion and some of the children brought in belongings related to their faith. We explored Islamic art, in particular the geometric tiles used to decorate mosques. We designed our own tiles in our sketchbooks. 

Fossil hunting!

We searched for fossils and identified what plants or animals they were formed from. after than we explored the job of an archaeologist and excavated chocolate chips from cookies. It was important to choose the correct tools and to be very careful.

Planning and writing myths.

We listened to some Ancient Greek myths then worked in pairs to plan our own. We sorted adjectives to describe our hero into a zone of relevance and created our own mythical beasts. Then we had a go at writing our myths down in our magpie books. Once done we joined the story circle and shared our ideas. 

Scratch Art!

We created our Greek pots using a special painting technique. We mixed washing up liquid with black pain and covered a brightly coloured page with the solution. Once dry, we could scratch off our designs. 

Researching pots from Ancient Greece.

We have been researching pots made by the ancient Greeks. We looked at the patterns they used and the different shapes. We explored how they depicted different stories and activities such as sports or battles. We recorded our findings in our sketchbooks. 

Remembering the Holocaust.

In PSHE we marked Holocaust memorial day by learning about the experiences of some families who fled Germany. We ended the day with a collective worship to show thanks for our own families. We also considered what it is to be discriminated against.

Martin Luther King day.

We looked at the life of Martin Luther King Jr and discussed equality. We finished by considering our own dreams for the future in a collective worship.

The art of maths.

We created a display about how cubist artists use maths to create their work. We looked at perspective, angles and 2D shapes to create still life collages and drawings. 

Science: Testing rocks.

We tested the permeability of rocks and explored erosion through two science investigations. We learnt about which types of rocks would be suitable for different jobs.

Central library trip.

We had great fun watching a play at Central Library this week. It was very funny, interactive and lively. 


In our topic lesson this week we investigated reasons for and against independence from Spain for Catalonia. Once we had worked in groups to sort all the reasons, we had a debate and voted. 

Division with numicon.

We used the numicon pieces to help us learn the bus stop method when dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers by one digit numbers. 

Christmas Disco.

Pablo Picasso

As part of our geography topic we have been learning about the life and work of Pablo Picasso. We made self portraits in the style of his famous painting, The Weeping Woman.  We played with perspective and colour to create these bright pictures using oil pastels. 

PANTS, The underwear rule.

WE learnt about the PANTS  rule today. PANTS is a really easy way for you to explain the Underwear Rule to your child. It teaches children that their body belongs to them, they have the right to say no, and that they should tell as adult if they're upset or worried.

Christmas crafts.


 We used acetate, glitter and tissue to make these special Christmas cards for our families. they will even double up as lovely fence decorations. 

Christmas carol concert.

Thankyou for coming to see our carol concert and well done to the children for all of their hard work. 

We are presenters!

We had a special visitor today. Phil, a wildlife documentary filmmaker came to our class to show us some of his footage and help us to plan our own films. We asked him lots of helpful questions and learnt a lot. then, we went outside and built a minibeast hotel. Over the next few weeks we will film our findings to create our own wildlife documentaries. 



Today our gymnastics lesson focused on finding different ways to travel and creating routines and sequences. We also included different balances.

Granny can you rap?

As part of our Poems to Perform unit we planned a performance of Granny can you rap? We worked in small groups and filmed our performances.

Central Library trip.

We went to central library to meet a storyteller. She told us a tale that involved lots of laughter and music. 

The Wolves in the Walls.

We used our class text as the inspiration for some art work for our library display. We used the illustrations from the books to creat our own pages with sentences we have written. We used collage techniques and oil pastels to make our designs bold and bright. 

We are presenters!


In our computing lesson we examined different shot types used in wildlife documentaries. We then used the cameras on our iPads to practise using these shot types. 

Experimenting with virtual reality.


We had a chance to use the VR headsets to explore different places. We visited Mars, and the Great Wall of China. Finally, we went to Pamplona to see the running of the bulls which inked to our Spain topic. 

Baking and decorating Halloween cupcakes.

Baking and decorating biscuits.

Building our own stone age homes.

We made our own neolithic and mesolithic homes. First we coloured, cut, folded and stuck out nets. Then we used our collected materials to strengthen and decorate our structures. Finally we took our homes outside and photgraphed them.

Collecting stone age materials.

We researched stone age homes and found out that they were built from leaves, sticks, shells, bones, mud and animal dung. We tried to find some of our own materials in the school grounds and collected lots of bits that we can use to create our own mesolithic and neolithic homes next week.

Plotting chronological timelines.

We worked in small groups to plot key events from the stone age on time lines. We had to be careful to make sure they were in chronological order.

The Wolves in the Walls: Jam tarts.

In our english lessons we have been reading The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. The mum in the story loves to make jam so in our cokkery lesson this week we decided to make our own jam tarts. Delicious!

The Wolves in the Walls: Making predictions.

We had to put our detective hats on in our english lesson today. We carefully examined one picture for clues that would help us to make a prediction about the story and recorded our ideas in groups.

Cave paintings.

Today we found out that stone age people used art to communicate messages and ideas. We look at some ancient cave paintings and designed our out. We used chalks to draw our design onto black paper and then we scrumpled our work up to make it look like the walls of a cave. Our paintings will be used to create our classroom display.


This week we have been reading Beegu. The story has helped us to learn how to be kind and welcoming to eachother and helped us to understand that their are no outsiders in our school. We spent some time imagining what Beegu's home planet was like and created a great display for our reading corner.

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