Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Science homework challenge: favourite animals

Science: Animals including humans

Homework Challenge:

Research and create a poster about our favourite animals.

We researched and created some information posters and booklets on our favourite animal.

In our projects we had to identify:

  • The group which the animal belongs to.
  • Where the animal lives.
  • What the animal likes to eat and if it is an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore.
  • The features that the animal has to help it survive.

We could also include some other interesting facts about our animal.


We presented our projects to the class about our favourite animals.

We had lots of fun finding out and sharing information about our favourite animals.  We got to learn about lots of different animals within our class. We learnt about the different animals that our class friends like from pigs, to flamingos to cows and wolves. 


We put lots of effort into our homework challenge and enjoyed finding out more about our favourite animals helping us to become super scientists! smiley