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Reconciliation- Being sorry 😔


 As part of our RE topic, we discussed making good and bad choices and the consequences of them. We shared our experiences and then had a go at identifying good and bad choices using the interactive game in class. We learnt that if we make a wrong choice we should always apologise and say sorry. We discussed how sometimes our bad choices can impact upon others. We have also be learning that it is good to forgive others when they make a wrong choice, just like God forgives us when we make wrong choices!




Lent - change



As part of our topic on Lent, we learnt about several of the stories that happened during Holy Week.

One of the religious stories that we learnt about was Easter Sunday. We enjoyed learning about the story of Easter Sunday. We acted out and retold the story of Easter Sunday to the grown ups during our Holy Week assemblies in school.



We loved singing 'Shine Jesus Shine'.


We retold the story of Easter Sunday as part of Holy Week assemblies in school.

We retold the story of Easter Sunday during Holy Week.








Advent- waiting



As part of our Advent topic in RE we learnt about the story of the Nativity and recognised that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas. We enjoyed working in groups and acting out to retell the story of the Nativity. Some of us were angels, shepherds and an innkeeper, whilst others took on the role of Mary and Joseph. 


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