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Our Reading Selfies

Some of our favourite stories

Our Reading Selfies!


We are continuing to develop 'Reading for Pleasure. We continue to develop the children's love of reading.

The children have been sharing their favourite stories. They have been able to talk about main events and characters using the illustrations in the story. The children will have the opportunity to participate in ‘Show and tell’.




Additionally we are running a competition for fun with the children. Both the children  and staff have been challenged to take a ‘Reading Selfie’.  They need to be as creative and imaginative as they can.

The children have been asked to take selfies reading their favourite book in the most imaginative place!

A prize will be awarded for the most creative selfie!

Good Luck!


We hope with your support our children will read for pleasure and enjoy reading and the love of books.

Our Reading selfies so far...