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Year 3

I am Miss Kronenburg, the Year 3 class teacher. The children are also supported in their learning by Miss Mcardle on Wednesday afternoons. The children in Class 3 are fantastic learners. Explore our Class page to see some of the fantastic, exciting things we have done this year. You can also head over to our 'Curriculum' page to see more about what we are learning this year! 


This year, PE will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on Tuesday afternoons. It is vital for health and safety reasons that the children have the correct PE kit.


A positive work ethos makes all the difference to your child's learning, so your support from home is welcomed and encouraged. Reading is a very important aspect of learning, so we actively encourage children to read every night. It is important that your child has a book bag so they are able to take home their Reading Record and Reading book. Book bags can be purchased at the main office.


Every Friday, homework will be given out and is to be handed in before Thursday the following week. The children will also be given spellings to practise.

Maths Party!

Today we had a maths party. We did lots of fun maths activities including fidget spinner times tables,  battle ships, doodle maths and more! Then, after Spanish we played maths pass the parcel and sung some maths songs together.

Drop Everything And Read!!!

We love our Reading for pleasure in year 3!

Measuring centimetres and metres.

We went outside and measured how far we could jump. In class we measured the length of our legs. Next week we will analyse the data to see if people with longer legs jump the furthest. 

William Morris art project.

As part of our Victorian Liverpool topic we have been researching the work of William Morris. We looked at some of his wallpaper designs and made our own using repeated patterns featuring plants and animals. We prepared our printing blocks by drawing on our designs then used rollers and inks to create a two colour design. 

Chester Zoo trip.

We had a such a fun day out at Chester Zoo this year! The weather was great and we saw lots of animals and even had a boat ride! Class 3 would like to say a special thank-you to the parent helpers who came with us.

Cookery lessons

During this term we will be having cookery lessons on Thursdays or Fridays. Katie, our school chef will be teaching us how to make lots of delicious treats...we'll even bring some home for you to enjoy! 

Football afternoon!

On Thursday this week we had great fun spending the whole afternoon with a specialist football coach from LFC.

The Iron Man

We have started reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes this week. On Tuesday we took lots of musical instruments and some props to the hall to interpret part of the text. We worked in groups to create performances to describe the Iron Man falling down the cliff.

Erupting volcanoes! 

To link with out Angry Earth topic we have been designing and building our own volcanoes. We used a plastic bottle, papier-mâché and paint to build the shape and decorate them so they look realistic. Once they are dry, we are going to take them outside and make them erupt!

Everyman Theatre trip.


We went to the Everyman Theatre to see The Story Giant. While we were there we got the chance to see our artwork in the giant story book and our myth on display! The show was magical and afterwards we even have the chance to meet the cast and director. It was a great opportunity to ask them questions and find our more about the story and their jobs.

The Story Giant Project: film.

We made a short film of our myth.

The Intergalactic Rockstar

Still image for this video

The Story Giant project: Artist visit.


As part of our project with the Everyman Theatre we had a special visit from artist, Alice. We sent Alice a copy of our myth to read and she brougth lots of fantastic materials and ideas with her to schoo.l She helped us to make a page for the giant storybook that will be exhibited at the theatre throughout the show.

The Intergalactic Rock Star!

The Everyman theatre asked the children to write a story class story that could be featured as part of an artwork linked to their new production, The Story Giant. We had great fun writing this story together and it linked really well to our English genre and history topic.  We hope you enjoy reading it!


The Intergalactic Rock Star.

A Myth by Class 3.

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, there were no stage lights, no stadiums, no audience and no fans! There was only Skull, the intergalactic rock star from another dimension. Skull was lonely and bored because he had no one to share his out-of-this-world performances with. So, he decided to make history.

On the first day of his tour, the rock star thrashed his electric guitar wildly and the colossal mountains began to burst through the cracking ground creating an enormous rocky stadium.

On the second day of the tour, the rock star carefully tinkled his keyboard and with every note the dark, pitch black sky lit up with striking shooting stars that danced like shimmering fireworks. For the grand finale the magical, multi-coloured Aurora Borealis filled the stadium.

On the third day of the tour, the rock star whacked his 28 piece drum kit and a powerful, glimmering waterfall crashed down the mountainside creating spray that emerged like magical mist from a huge smoke machine.

On the fourth day of the tour, the rock star clapped his golden cymbals and with each clang a flock of majestic birds appeared squawking and whistling- the rock star had his backing singers.

On the fifth day of the tour, the rock star grabbed his microphone and roared his song and slowly, one by one wild animals crept out from hibernation and into the stadium holding posters and banners.

On the sixth day of the tour, Skull rocked his instruments, his backing singers began to wail wildly, his fans began to head-bang madly and the stadium rumbled with energy…

…Skull declared that it was time to rock!

Thank-you for coming to our Easter assembly.

Planning and creating Ancient Greek mosaics.

World religion week.


For world religion week, year 3 explored Islam. We made Eid biscuits, created out own Islamic art and some of Muslim children in our class prepared and shared a collective worship for our class.

Liverpool world museum trip.


We all went to Liverpool world museum to find out more about our topic, the Ancient Greeks. While we were their we met a historian who let us handle some of the ancient artefacts from the collection.  She also taught how we can find our more about a time period from looking at objects.

Liverpool Central library.


We went to central library where we saw the play of Gullivers Travels.

Experimenting with light.

In science lessons we have been learning about light and shadows. we have done lots of investigations into, light sources, shadows and reflective materials.

Narnia Experience.

This week we went to St Georges Hall to visit the Narnia Experience. The Children enjoyed walking through all the different scenes and meeting the characters.

Spain Presentations.

To round off our Why do people go on holiday to Spain? topic we worked in groups to make powerpoint presentations about what we have learnt. We then presented our results to the class.

Maths Afternoon.

We had a maths specialist spend the afternoon with this week. We did lots of fun activities together to develop our reasoning skills. It was hard at first but we were soon much better as finding numbers that add up to exactly (or near to) 100.

1 minute challenge!

In PE this week, we took part in a 1 minute challenge. It was tiring but fun! We counted how many times we could do different activities we could do in one minute and the team with the most points won. We did things like skipping, jumping and throwing.

Come and See morning.

This week Year 3 ran a Come and See morning for their parents. This was a great chance for use to show our families what kind of reasoning work we do in maths and the kind of spelling activities we do each day. We really enjoyed doing all the different activities with you so thank-you for coming!

Fraction Museum.


We spent the morning exploring fractions and creating a Fraction Museum. We used lots of different resources to make different fraction and labelled them. Then we took turns to visit each others museums. While there we have to solve the mystery fraction that the curator had left for us!

Fantastic Gymnastics.

Our gymnastic sessions will continue through the Spring Term. Children really enjoy the sessions and are developing excellent strength, balance and partner skills.

Goodbye Chidera!

This week we waved goodbye to Chidera. We were very sad to see him go and will miss him lots. Good Luck Chidera and we're sure you'll have a great time living in Nigeria!

Pablo Picasso

As part of our Spain topic we have been learning about the life and work of Pablo Picasso. We discovered that he founded the Cubist art movement so we decided  to creat our own cubist portraits. We drew are partner face on and profile. Then we coloured our pictures using bright oil pastels. Finally we cut the pictures up and rearranged the parts. This gave us the mixed up Cubist effect!

Christmas Carol Concert

Thank-you to everyone who made to see our Christmas Carol concert. the children did an excellent job and their singing was really beautiful. A lovely way to get ready for Christmas.

Alice in Wonderland.

Today the children each made a small donation of £1. In return the got to watch a special performance of excerpts from Alice in Wonderland performed by a group of year 4 and 5 children. Afterwards they had the chance to decorate some cupcakes and sing along with the cast. All the money raised will go towards supporting the Roy Castle Foundation. 

Everyman Theatre Pantomime.

This week year 3 went on a special trip to see Beauty and the Beast at the Everyman Theatre. This Rock 'n Roll panto is a Liverpool institution and the children had so much fun singing and dancing along! 

The Hip-hop Hippo.

We've really been enjoying creating our own magical creatures using the Night Zookeeper app. We've started writing non-chronological reports about the animals so that the world can learn all about them! Below you can learn what Aaron's Hip-hop Hippo likes to eat. 


Charity Cake Sale.

Maths afternoon.

Year 3 had a special visitor this week- a maths specialist who spent the afternoon with us. We played some really fun maths games that will help us with our times tables and mental maths skills. 

Dance workshops.

Today we had some fantastic dance and movement workshops! The session was led by artist and choreographer, Paula from the Bluecoat Arts Centre. We concentrated on our bodies and how we can move them and how we can put movement onto paper through drawing. For one of the activities we had to work with a partner to mimic each other and move to different music. You can see a little video of this below.

Partner work.

Still image for this video

Christmas jumper competition.

Hope university invited the children to enter a Christmas competition where the designed a Christmas jumper. The university staff will judge the entries and the winners have the chance to win a trip to the theatre for their family. 

Mad Hair Day.

Last Wednesday the children all came to school with mad hair to raise money for Children in Need. Everyone looked fantastic and the amount of thought and effort that went into the crazy styles was incredible!

Stone Age Stories.

To link our History and English topics we have been writing Stone Age stories. The children worked really hard and this is just one example if their fantastic work. 

No Word Of A Lie!

In English lessons we have been exploring poems to perform. We have read lots of poems and practised performing them. We liked No Word of A Lie by Jackie Kaye so we adapted it and wrote our own boasts! You can see some of them in the video below. 

No Word Of A Lie

Still image for this video

Forest Friends.

Year 3 were asked to create some work for a display in the corridoor by our classroom. The theme was Forest Friends. The children chose to make this beautiful peacock using oil pastels. Look closely and you'll notice the peacock is holding messages that the children wrote to their friends. 


Write a Rap-Rap.

We used Tony Mitton's poem, Write a Rap-Rap as inspiration to plan a rap about something that interests us. We worked in partners to jot ideas down in our magpie books*. Then we planned out the different verses and thought about what rhyming words we might need. Watch this space for the finished raps.


* We use our magpie books whenever we listen to or read new stories or poems. We jot down ideas and words or sentences we like. We call them magpies books because magpies like to pinch and steal things. 😀



Fantastic Fossils! 

This week in science, we learnt all about how fossils are formed. We even had a go at creating our own using plasticine, shells and plaster of Paris. 

Cuantos años tienes?

Year 3 have a Spanish lesson every Friday. Lessons are always very active and include lots of games and songs. These pictures show the children playing a game where they have to ask each other how old they are and respond. 

Rugby Tots.


Throughout the Autumn term year 3 will do a session with the Rugby Tots coaches on Tuesday afternoons. Children love theses sessions which aim to develop, teamwork, agility and spatial awareness skills. 

Experimenting with rocks.

We've been doing lots of experiments to find out about their different features and uses. Here we were testing rocks to find out which types are the most and least permeable. 

Ten Ten Theatre Company.

Ten Ten theatre company came to school and performed a fantastic play for year 3. The play told the story of a brother and sister who learnt some important lessons about mercy and forgiveness. 

Central Library visit. 

On Tuesday we went to central library to meet poet, Ian Bland. Ian read us some of his poems and then helped us to write our own Kenning poems. 

Disabillity Awareness Day


We had a special visitor come into school to talk to us a bout what it is like to use a wheelchair. We got to ask lots of questions and even experience it for ourselves. 

We also had a go at several activities designed to help us understand what it is like to Be visually impaired or deaf.

Into the woods.

Year 3 were asked to create a display about an author for the school library. We chose to look at Anthony Browne. We read lots of his books, wrote reviews and created character and setting descriptions. To bring our display to life we created large drawings of trees inspired by the illustrations from Into the Woods. 

Take One Picture.


When we came back to school in September we got stuck straight into an exciting project. We studied our class painting, David Garrick as Richard the Third by William Hogarth. We discussed what we thought it was about, who was the king? Was he an imposter? What was he scared of? 

We went on a trip to the Walker Art Gallery and saw our painting in real life. While we were there we had a good look around, completed an art detective trail and did plenty of sketching activities.    

The project continued back in school where we noticed the letter at the bottom of the painting. We imagine who the letter was to/from and did some creative writing. Finally we created our own artworks inspired by the painting. 

Next time your in the school hall have a look at our fantastic display!  




Our Take One Picture display.

Here are some pictures of our finished display that was inspired by Hogarths painting, David Garrick as Richard the Third. 

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