Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

'Living, Loving, Learning Together'

Year 5/6

I am Miss Soens, the lucky teacher of class 5 and would like to welcome you to our class page! Here is where we will keep you updated on all of the exciting and fun things we have been getting up to during the week. Class 5 are enthusistic about their learning and they are proud to present their work to you on our website. 


Class 5 are also extremely lucky to have Miss Bedson and Miss Shields who will also be in class supporting the children with their learning this year. 


Why not have a look at our 'Curriculum Page' too and check out the fun topics we will be learning about throughout the school year! 


This year, PE lessons will take part on a Friday afternoon and during the second half of the Autumn term, we will be travelling to Everton Sports Park for our swimming lessons. Pupils are required to have the full, appropriate kits for these activities to ensure they can take part comfortably and safely.


As you know, reading is a huge focus in our school and it can have a fantastic impact on pupils learning across the different subjects. In class 5, reading records are kept by the children and are to be signed by an adult at home regularly. These records are checked by myself every Friday and a 'Reader of The Week' is selected and rewarded for their reading efforts! 


In year 5 & 6, homework is particularly important, especially for the year 6 pupils who will be sitting their SATs in May next year. The homework is given out on a Friday and is to be completed for the following Monday. The purpose of the homework is to review the children's work from the week and they will receive additional spelling lists to practice. If you or your child are ever unsure on a piece of homework, please to do not hesitate to speak to me.


We hope you enjoy exploring our wonderful work and exciting experiences below ... 



This year, Class 5 decided to take ownership of their own collective worships at the end of each day and have appointed our special collective worship team to organise and deliver the peaceful and reflective worships on behalf of the class. Take a look at some of our pupils leading one of our collective worships ...

Collective Worship Team...

Our Narnia Adventure ...

Class 5 took a trip to St George's Hall to experience the magical world of Narnia!

Class 5 hosted their 'Come and See' session for their parents and carers, inviting them in to take part in spelling and reasoning workshops. Both the adults and pupils had great fun becoming 'spelling detectives' and 'criteria crackers'. The activities allowed the children to work together with their peers and the adults and the adults really enjoyed watching the learning process that their children are involved in! Have a look at some of the fun activities below...

The children all enjoyed Holy Cross' Mad Hair Day, embracing some wild and extremely creative styles ranging from Christmas trees to balloon-buns! The class donated their money to help raise funds for our school and Children In Need... We hope you enjoy looking at our funky doos! 

Well done everybody!

Merseyside Police E-Safety Visit ...

Our class were lucky to have a visit from Gill, a member of Merseyside Police who came to talk to us about safety online. She taught us lots of interesting and important facts to help keep us safe and happy when using social network sites. We looked at the different purposes, laws and settings for each site and we got to share our own experiences and ideas to help keep each other safe online too... Thank you Gill!

Anti-bullying 'Guardian Angel Challenge'

Once again, class 5 have demonstrated their kindness and generosity towards each other in our anti-bullying 'Guardian Angel Challenge'. Children and staff wrote their names on an angel and placed them in a basket, out of which everybody selected someone anonymously to look after all week long, in aid of anti-bullying! The children have showered each other in lovely messages, compliments and gifts to show they care and there has been a fantastically warm atmosphere in class and around the school. Here are just a few of the lovely surprises left by the guardian angels ...

Walker Art Gallery Visit - 'Take One Picture Project'

The class really enjoyed their time at the gallery. They used their sketch books to explore a variety of artwork and took part in different games and activities... Class 5 definitely has a few budding artists! 

Writing On The Wall - Comic Project

During the first half term, Class 5 were extremely busy working alongside members from Writing On The Wall', an organisation that aims to develop and improve writing in the city. The children have created their own super heroes with the help of Tim (an actual illustrator for Marvel comics!!) and have created their own comic strips. We are all eagerly awaiting the finished article which should arrive around Christmas time... So keep your eyes peeled for our magnificent class comic book!

Our Magnificent Marbling!

The children enjoyed experimenting with the marbling inks to create their own pieces of art that were inspired by the Blotter painting that they studied at the gallery. They expressed themselves using a selection of exciting colours and patterns, materials and even twigs, to create their own layered landscapes which are now displayed proudly at the front of the school!

Layered Landscapes: inspired by 'Blotter'

Vicious Vikings!

The children thoroughly enjoyed using our new IPads to research the different aspects of Viking life as part of their topic work.

Class Competition ...

During a PE lesson, the children competed in teams, completing a number of different challenges. They really enjoyed demonstrating their skills to each other which involved running, throwing, catching, jumping and skipping!

The American Author Returns!

American author, Alex, returned to Holy Cross having visited the previous year

to share his stories with the school. He was so impressed with the children that he decided to come back and work with us again! The children completed a short workshop with Alex in which they learnt lots about the content and structure of a story and they even created a shared short story about a crazy cat called Alan! 

The Unforgotten Coat

Having read and explored the story 'The Unforgotten Coat' by Frank Cottrell Boyce, the class created a marvellous display in the library area, featuring different aspects of the story. They completed research on Mongolia, looking at patterns and colours. They designed their own Mongolian coats which they made with Miss Shields and they even designed and described their own demons inspired by the demon in the book! 

Shakespeare through music ...

Class 5 were very lucky this week to work with Miss Maestri-Banks who was visiting the school as part of her work experience. The children took part in series of music-based workshops in which they used exciting instruments to create and perform music to suit the plays Macbeth and Midsummer Night's Dream. The children explored the different Shakespeare characters and listened to a variety of music genres. There were some excellent drama/music performances!

On Friday 4th October, year 5 and 6 pupils visited Liverpool Library to see 'That Poetry Bloke', Craig Bradley. The children had a truly fantastic time and laughed from start to finish... They sang songs using rhymes and tackled fun tongue twisters. And if this wasn't enough, the children were given the opportunity to explore the children's library area with some using their library cards to take out new and exciting books!

Disability Awareness Day!

The children celebrated Disability Awareness Day and welcomed our special visitor, John, to our school. They took part in a whole school assembly before participating in workshops for each individual class! They enjoyed their experience very much and understand the importance of treating everyone equally no matter what!

Forest Friends - friendship display!

The children had great fun creating their 3D friendship owls using a variety of autumn leaves. The Owls will be placed for all to see on our 'Forest Friends' whole school display. Beside each owl will be a message from each of the class 5 pupils about thier understanding of friendship and what it means to be a good friend! Keep your eyes open for our wonderful display! 

On 14th November, Class 5 visited the World Museum to learn more about the 'raiders of the see'. They took part in exciting workshops that involved dressing up as vicious Vikings! The children enjoyed exploring the replica artefacts and learnt lots about local Viking names and materials they used to use to make clothes and tools. After the session, I am extremely proud that the museum worker, Phil, complimented the children on their fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm saying "What a wonderful group of young people!" To end the trip, class 5 had some free time around the museum were we explored the Bug House, the Aquarium and the Ancient Egypt expeditions!
The class were lucky to take part in a Lacrosse lesson this week and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! They learnt the basic skills of how to use the lacrosse stick to scoop, catch and throw the balls... and they even had chance to compete in one-to-one challenges to demonstrate their new skills. Well done class 5! The class also were handed leaflets with information about a local lacrosse team if they were interested in joining in the future.