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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5's Class Page

I am Miss Cresswell, the fortunate teacher of Year 5 and I would like to introduce our class page. In Year 5, we are also very lucky to be supported by Miss Morgan on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Here is where you will find out about the exciting and enjoyable things we have been getting up to during the year. The children in Year 5 are passionate and determined learners who are always willing to try new things in order to deepen their understanding. Please explore our ‘Curriculum Page’ to gain an insight into what we are learning this year!


PE is currently taking place on a Wednesday afternoon whereby the children will take part in multiple Gymnastics sessions. Please ensure your child has full PE kit in school on Monday ready for activities during the week. It is vital for the children to bring full PE kit so they can take part in the PE sessions safely and comfortably.


Reading is a very important aspect of learning and can make a fantastic impact across the different subjects. We actively encourage children to read every night and record what they have read in their Reading Record. The Reading Record is to be signed by an adult at home regularly. It is important that your child has a book bag so they are able to take home their Reading Record and Reading book.


In Year 5, homework will be given out on a Friday and is to be returned by the following Thursday. Year 5 will also complete weekly arithmetic/reasoning tests which they are to take home and revise from each week. The children should identify areas of the test that they find challenging. The children are encouraged to come and see me in the morning if they are unsure on any of the questions and we can go through this together. If you or your child are ever unsure on a piece of homework, please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Trip to the library to celebrate World Book Day

Year 5 participated in a workshop held at Liverpool Central Library to celebrate World Book day that will happening this week. The children listened to stories told by a famous author and all received a free book to home and read. The children all thoroughly enjoyed their visit are are now looking forward to dressing up for World Book day on Thursday.

CAFOD workshop

This week, the whole school participated in an assembly to learn about the CAFOD charity and learn of ways in which we could raise money in order to help people around the world. During the individual class workshops, Year 5 focused on how to care for our world and to think deeply about the changes that could be made in the future to ensure that we are all caring for our Earth. The children all worked together to gather some fantastic, practical ideas that could be implemented within our classroom, whole school and at home relating to recycling, using less energy and waste. 

Fundraising - Cake Sale

This week, the children all took part in a cake sale in order to raise money. The children all enjoyed the cake sale and had lots of fun.
Year 5 had the opportunity to revisit St Georges Hall to participate in the Alice Experience. The experience was very practical and the children all had a fantastic time. The characters, art work and use of IT was fantastic and amazed us all.

Science Experiments - Changes in Materials

This half term in science, we have been focusing on properties and changes in materials. For one of our experiments, we asked our school cook to complete some melting and freezing activities with us. The children all had the opportunity to participate in the experiment to see if their predictions were accurate or not. Following on from this experiment, the children looked at chemical reactions and how gases can be made.  The children were really excited about this experiment and were amazed at how two 'every-day' kitchen ingredients will react together to form a gas. 

History Debate - Was Hitler a Good Leader?

Our current History topic is WWII with the focus questions - How did Hitler persuade a nation to follow him. For this lesson, the children all took part in holding a debate to distinguish if the majority of us thought that Hitler was a good leader or not. First of all, we all looked at the debating rules and how debating is important for making decisions within our country as well as giving different points of view. The children then were split into groups whereby they had to come up with arguments for Hitler being a good leader and arguments against Hitler being a good leader. The debate was then held. When both sides had finished saying their different points of view, a decision was made by the audience. Overall, the class agreed that Hitler was not a good leader.

Virtual Reality - WWII

This week, the children all had the opportunity to participate in a Virtual Reality (VR) session with Mr Mills and I. The children felt as if they were there during WWII, which helped to deepen their understanding. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the VR experience as we all had lots of fun and we are hoping to participate in more VR sessions in the future. 

RE - re-enactment of the Last Supper

In RE this week, the children all participated in role play in order to re-enact the Last Supper, remembering the importance of this and thanking Jesus for the sacrifice he made for us all. 

Collective Worship


In PSHE this week, the children participated in a NSPCC lesson based around keeping ourselves safe and understand the rules of PANTS. 

Carols performance

Year 5 went to Croxteth Park farm and had a fantastic day. We learned lots about the different animals lifestyles and habitats as well as orienteering around the park using our map skills. 
Year 5 children have made some fantastic Anglo-Saxons settlements to complete our history topic. The children have then used their settlements as the background for their documentary to show what they have learnt about the Anglo-Saxons. 

ICECATS - Staying Safe

Pantomime - Jack and the Bean Stalk


Anglo-Saxons - Ordeals and Punishments

Science - Water Resistance - Boat Race

In this Science lesson, we focused on water resistance and looked at streamlined shapes, identifying them in man-made and natural objects. The children worked in small groups to create their own streamlined boats and had a race to find out who made the best streamline boat. The children thoroughly enjoyed this lesson!

WW11 Visitor

The children were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to ask a solider from WW11 different questions to gain an understanding of how daily life was as a solider. The children had many interesting questions to ask and enjoyed listening to the responses. The children also enjoyed trying on the helmet!

Library Monitor Vote

This week the children had their very own democratic vote. All of the candidates were extremely persuasive and each of their points provided fantastic reasons to favour their likelihood of becoming a library monitor. 
In History, the children are focusing on Anglo-Saxons. So far, the children have used clues to discover who we are, worked together to make a historical timeline using scale, invaded and settled in another classroom (the Romans) and used Play Dough to create maps of Britain to show where the Anglo-Saxons settled. The children are thoroughly enjoying their History lessons and are eager to learn more. 
This half term, the children in Year 5 are attending cookery lessons provided by our school cook. So far, the children have made chicken fajitas and cake pops! They looked and tasted delicious!

Science - Forces

In science this half term, the children are focusing on Forces. The children have planned and participated in two experiments that focus on air resistance so far. The children particularly enjoyed making their paper helicopters to use in one of their experiments to find out if the size of the blades effected how quickly it fell to the floor. In Year 5, the children fully enjoy science lessons and finding results from their experiments. 

PE - Rugby Tots

This half term for the PE lessons, the children are attending 'Rugby Tots' sessions whereby they are extending and learning new skills relating to rugby. The children are also learning how to work as a team to gain possession in this popular sports. The children are thoroughly enjoying their Rugby Tots sessions so far and are showing many talents and skills!
Year 5 have been very lucky to have been chosen to attend the 'Giants Picnic.' We have been asked to create a picnic blanket to take along with us on this amazing trip.