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Science Come and See afternoon

Grown- ups were invited to join Year 1 in learning about Science. Lots of different experiments and different types of Science equipment was set up for  Year 1 and the grown-ups to explore. Have a look at the photographs below to see some of the great things that we got up to and investigated.


Year 1 would like to thank the grown-ups for coming to our Science Come and See day, we hope they learnt as much as what we did! smiley


We predicted how many cotton wool balls would fit.
We made some liquid layers!
Asyifa made some liquid layers.
We had fun playing guess the material.
Look at the liquid layers that Kostis made.
Arav had fun using vinegar to clean coins.
Likhit and Ruby enjoyed making a healthy plate!
Miley had fun reading about the human body!
Fatema enjoyed planting sunflower seeds.
Ishita enjoyed trying to make the paper clip float
Look at the paper clip investigation!
Pearl enjoyed making bubbles!
Guess the material?
Likhit made a lovely play-dough flower.
Investigating objects to see if they sink of float
Recording the results of floating objects.
We made some seasonal plates.
We had a go at cleaning teeth!
We tried to make the paper clip float.
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