Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

'Living, Loving, Learning Together'

Resource for Parents-Restorative Thinking and Positive Relationships


With COVID-19 keeping us all at home, there may be times when we feel worried and stressed and this can lead to family tension, arguments and conflict.  When children see parents/carers communicating well and staying calm, it can help them cope with their own big emotions.  Use the link below to use four short learning sequences which are an introduction to restorative and relational thinking - a few techniques that can help us to better manage emotions and stay calm, and to keep communicating with each other in positive ways. These lessons will support you to:

  • Reconsider positive relationships;
  • Think about all behaviour as 'communication';
  • Start to use a line of questioning that will help you (and others) through problems and will help to maintain positive mental health;
  • Deal better with stress.