Holy Cross Catholic Primary School

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Covid Testing

19 Schools Infection Study
Yet to take part?
There is still time to register and receive a Home Antibody testing kit.
Thank you to all pupils, staff and parents who have already contributed
to this important study.
Your support will inform po licies to manage the risks of
transmission in schools and help identify ways to protect students, staff and
the wider community.
“Mobilising the power of data to help britain
make better decisions and improve lives”
Not yet registered?
will be sending antibody home test kits to all new participants or participants who
missed previous rounds due to unavailability e.g. absent from school.
The latest date
that you can register for pupils and staff to receive a home Antibody
testing kit is the 23rd January, you will also then be included in future school testing
days. Sign on via the unique link:
• Parents/guardians to select ‘NO’ for student or staff member on drop down boxes,
complete the first page with parent/gua rdian details and give consent for the first part
of registration.
• Confirm the registration by clicking on the validating email which will be sent to
you (check
• Login back into the system by entering your email address and password. Click on ‘Child
Registration Page’ and register your child/children, providing consent as required. Your
unique school code is: 1 04633
• After registering your child/children, click on ‘Home’ and complete the enrolment
survey for each child.