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At Holy Cross, we have a rich and diverse offer of arts activities that run across the curriculum. We have two enthusiastic Arts Ambassadors from each class. Their role is to:


  • Find out about fun art activities in Liverpool.
  • Research different ways that we can learn about art at Holy Cross.
  • Find out about and promote different artists.
  • Take part in activities and trips that will help us to find out new ways to make art.



Art and Design in the National Curriculum.

The national curriculum for art and design aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording their experiences
  •  become proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
  •  evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design
  •  know about great artists, craft makers and designers, and understand the historical and cultural development of their art forms.

Subject content
Key stage 1
Pupils should be taught:

  •  to use a range of materials creatively to design and make products
  •  to use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination
  •  to develop a wide range of art and design techniques in using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space
  •  about the work of a range of artists, craft makers and designers, describing the differences and similarities between different practices and disciplines, and making links to their own work.


Key stage 2
Pupils should be taught to develop their techniques, including their control and their use of materials, with creativity, experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design.
Pupils should be taught:

  •  to create sketch books to record their observations and use them to review and revisit ideas
  •  to improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials [for example, pencil, charcoal, paint, clay]
  •  about great artists, architects and designers in history.


Art and Design Long Term Plan

Art Club.


In Art club this term, we have been learning about the work of Keith Haring. He is most famous for his graffiti work that use simple symbols and figures to share a message. 

Year 4, The Impressionists.

We have been using our sketchbooks to research and test out the techniques used by the great impressionist artists such as Monet.

Year 2, Andy Warhol.

We have been learning about the work of Andy Warhol. We have been inspired by his work and created our own drawings, paintings and prints of our favourite celebrities.

Year 6, Drawing perspective.


Year 6 have been learning how to draw different kinds of perspective. We started by drawing to a vanishing point and moved on to trying to show foreshortening in our work. To do this we took pictures, sketched and then created paintings.

Year 1, Walker Art Gallery visit.

Year one went to the Walker art gallery in search of paintings that depicted fire. They have been learning about the Great fire of London in their history lessons and have been thinking about how to convey mood and atmosphere in their paintings. 

Year 1, Winter Scenes.

We read the book Winter Wonderland which is based on the famous Christmas song. We looked at the pictures and thought about what techniques we could use to create our own wintry illustrations. We decided to use oil pastels for our drawings and bubble wrap to print the snow using paint.

Year 1: Mark-making

Year 1 have been experimenting with mark-making to explore line and shape. We used charcoal to create these fabulous peacock drawings.

Year 1: Painting with scissors.

Year 1 have been learning about artist Henri Matisse. They used his technique of 'painting with scissors' to create collages. 

Year 3: J.M.W Turner


Year 3 have been working on creating mood and atmosphere in their paintings. They looked at the work of turner and experimented with using different techniques to paint light and movement. 

Art Club: Charles Rennie Mackintosh

We looked at the life and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. We practised drawing in his style by creating step-by-step flower drawings then we designed our own stained glass windows.

Year 2: Printmaking


Year 2 have been exploring printmaking. They started by creating some interesting rubbings of things they could find in their outdoor area. They used these patterns to create collages back in the classroom.

Year 1: Collage

Year one used simple shapes to collage pictures of footballers, dancers, animals and much more.

Art Club: Paul Klee


Art club took inspiration from Paul Klee's painting titled The Goldfish to create these beautiful artworks. They used oil pastel to draw their underwater scenes then water colour paints to create the water.

Year 3 clay modelling

Year 3 were inspired by the Ancient Greeks through their history topic and artist, Grayson Perry. The children researched both areas an designed and created their own pots.

Year 1 Class artwork.

Henri Rousseau masks.


Year 1 have been learning about the life and work of painter, Henri Rousseau. We have been creating artworks inspired by him such as these fabulous animal masks. 

Leonardo Da Vinci and his inventions.


In year 5 we have been learning about the life and work of Leonardo Da Vinci. We have been using his drawings to improve our skills. We have used charcoal, pencils, pens and pastels to develop our techniques. We designed our own inventions and sketched them.

Monet and Impressionism

Year 4 have been exploring the work of Claude Monet. We started by looking at his paintings of the countryside. Then we looked at some of his later paintings of cities and created our own using the same techniques.

Walker Art Gallery Trip


Year 4 visited the Walker Art gallery to learn more about their History topic- the Tudors. Whilst their we did some sketching and followed the Tudor Trail around the gallery. We even had time to stop and look at a painting by Claude Monet in preparation for our next art topic- the Impressionists.

Year 3 Tate Liverpool Visit.

During the summer term year 3 have been invited to complete a residency at Tate Gallery Liverpool. To prepare for this opportunity the children visited the gallery. While there they learnt how to be curators, had a behind the scenes tour and met Darren, the curator and Deborah from the Learning team. 

Zog Premier!

Year 1 were invited to the premier of the BBC's new animation of Julia Donaldson's Zog.

We enjoyed the red carpet treatment and the comfy beanbags- oh and the film was great. When we left it was even 'snowing'!

Interaction Point, session 2.

In our second session, artists from FACT and Physicist's from Liverpool University worked with year 6 to investigate magnetism. After some experimenting, children created Memes to reflect on their learning. 

Year 6 puppetry workshop.

Year 6 worked with a practitioner from the Everyman Theatre Company to create puppets and perform puppet shows inspired by Macbeth.

Interaction point, session 1

In our first session, led by artists from FACT and Scientists from Liverpool University, Year 6 explored how particles move and can create electricity. They interviewed each other and Chris (the Physicist) about their findings and made a Youtube video.

Interaction Point

Delving into the world of physics, our year 6 class and young people from King’s Leadership Academy and The Studio School will explore particle and nuclear physics in the context of particle accelerator research. Art will be the catalyst for conversations, enabling young people to join a scientific discussion by co-creating a language that they feel comfortable with. To kick-start the project year 6 participated in a day of activities at FACT led by artists, curators and scientists from Liverpool University. Over the next two terms these practitioners will deliver 9 sessions at school and the children will visit the physics labs at the university. 

Peace paintings and remembrance service

Children in years 1,3,4 and 5 created paintings around the theme of peace to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1. These paintings were displayed at ST Nicholas' church for visitors to see. We also created some Butterfly wings to symbolise hope and new beginnings. It was great to see our artwork when we went to the church to take part in the remembrance service.

Surrealist paintings  year 5.


In year 5 we have been looking at how Frida Kahlo used surrealism in her artworks. We used her painting The Wounded Deer  as our inspiration. We imagined ourselves as animals and created paintings that endeavoured to show why we saw ourselves as these creatures. 

Year 1 tree drawings


Following their trip to Calderstones Park, Year 1 used their photographs to create some giant drawings of the trees there. They focused on identifying the autumnal colours of the leaves and recreating them using charcoal, pastels and oil pastels.

Pattern, shape and colour.


Year 3 have been exploring how artist, Sonia Delauney used her painting skills to deign fabrics and clothes for clients. The children were given a client brief to follow and design their own patterns.

Year 5 Painted Self-portraits

In year 5 we looked at the symbolism in Frida Kahlo's Painting 'Self Portrait Along the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States (1932). We used the painting as inspiration to create our own self portraits that show our heritage.

Year 4, ceramic mosaics.


Year 4 used the what they have learned about Roman mosaics to design and create their own tile using smaller ceramic tiles. The children considered their pattern carefully and quickly got the hang of using the adhesive and grout.

 Giant Dreams- Sinking Sails 


Years 3, 4 and 6 went on a trip to see their T-shirts and dream catchers on display at Mann Island. While their we did some sketching of the installation and listened to the soundscape the the artist recorded at our school.

Year 3, Painting movement.


Year 3 looked at Sonia Delauney's paintings that use colour and shape to depict rhythm and movement. The children then illustrated the poem 'From the Railway Carriage' by Lewis Carroll.

Year 5 Self Portraits

Year 5 have been looking at the life and work of Frida Kahlo. Kahlo is famous for painting self portraits. The children have been researching her work and have begun to create their own self-portraits using graded pencils to add tone and texture. 

Year 2 Portraits

In year 2 we have been developing our drawing skills. We have experimented with mark-making, shading and proportions. Then we created our portraits of Nelson Mandela inspired by our history topic.  We also looked at African patterns and designed our own to form the backgrounds. 

Picnic with the Giants

Year 5 worked so hard on creating their beautiful picnic blanket and it was worth it because we got to go and see the Giants up close. It was a rainy day in Princes Park but that didn't stop us having a lovely time. A special thank-you to Katy our chef for the delicious giant cookies!

BBC Radio Merseyside

This week children were very excited to meet Tony Snell from BBC Radio Merseyside. He came to school to interview children about the work we have been doing to celebrate the Giant's return to Liverpool. The feature can be heard on his breakfast show on Iplayer, dates 5th October. Link below.

Giants Soundscape recording

As part of the celebrations of the Giants returning to Liverpool children have been creating artworks to form part of an installation at Mann Island.  To go alongside this children at Holy Cross were specially selected to take part in recording a special soundscape to be played at the exhibition. Two artists cam to school and recorded the children talking about their hopes and dreams for the future and for Liverpool.

Roman Mosaic seed collages.

Year 4 continued to explore Roman mosaics and designed and created tiles using different sorts of seeds and beans. It was hard lining the materials up and keeping our mosaic neat but we tried really hard and they look great!

Roman Mosaic Paintings

Year 4 have been researching and investigating Roman Mosaics. We used different sources and discovered that their are several different types of designs such as geometric, maze or Celtic knot.  We used natural coloured paints and square stamps to create our designs. 

Understanding colour.

Year 3 have been looking at the work of painter, Sonia Delauney. We have explored the colour wheel, looking at primary and secondary colours and have created artworks using harmonious and complimentary colours.  We will be moving on to look at how we can portray rhythm and movement in our paintings.

Giant's Workshops

Here at Holy Cross, we have been so excited about the Giant's final visit! All children from Year 1- 6 took part in craft workshops along with their parents. We made dream-catchers and decorated t-shirts that will form part of a month-long exhibition at Mann Island. In addition to this children in Year 5 have made a picnic blanket that they will take to a picnic with the Giants.

What Lifts Us Up?

The whole school took part in creating a collaborative artwork that celebrated the diversity and tolerance of our school and city. Children all created feathers inscribed with word such as love, peace, diversity, tolerance.Parents translated these words into their home languages so that we could celebrate how our school has pupils from all over the world.  We were inspired by the imagery of angel wings but also how the Liver birds sit up high and look after our diverse and wonderful city. We had great fun using the wings to take pictures of each other. 

Volcano Art

Year 3 looked at the life and work of artist Margaret Godfrey. The children were encouraged to use their knowledge of how volcanoes are formed to create beautiful mixed-media artworks. They focused on using texture and mark-making to create the atmosphere and mood of an eruption.  

Making a Lion

The Nursery pupils celebrated Chinese New Year by making their own Lion they then acted out the story of the Lion Dance. 
In our Science topic Living Things and Their Habitats we have discovered that animals must live in a habitat that they are suited to. Today we created our own animals using features so they could live in a variety of habitats. We used oil pastels to create a range of animal patterns using light and dark shades.

World War 1 Artwork

Year 4 used charcoal, paint and tissue paper to create a beautiful WW1 scene.

City of Shapes

Our Art Ambassadors put on an exhibition of all the work they have created in Art Club. They worked with Betty from the Bluecoat Arts Centre to display their creations and invited their parents along to have a look. The children also received their Arts Award Certificates.
Year 4 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Walker Art Gallery. The completed a range of different art activities in their sketch books. They found the painting 'Faithful unto Death' we have been working on in class and completed different activities about that painting. We completed a 'Seasons Trail' finding different painting about the different seasons.

Examples of Artwork

Christmas Decorations

Year 3 used tissue paper, acetate and lots of glitter to make these lovely Christmas decorations. They look great hung on a window or on your tree! We wrote messages to our families and took them home to display.
Year 4 enjoyed sewing to create beautiful Christmas decoration. Year 4 created beautiful Christmas cards. We used our maths skills to solve the mystery of Mrs Claus's cake.
We designed and created our own toys using lots of different materials.

Picasso inspired self portraits

Year 3 have begun to create artworks inspired by Pablo Picasso. First they researched the artists' life and work. Then they started to sketch portraits of their partners. Next they will add colours and play with the perspective of their work, just like Picasso did.

Stained Glass Windows

This week in art club we looked at the stained glass windows in the Metropolitan cathedral. They were designed by an artist whose work is currently exhibited at the Bluecoat Arts Centre. We used coloured acetates and laminating pouches to design and create our own Windows.

Out of the Darkness: Exhibition of children's work at St Lukes Church.

The children were invited to take part in a special event commemorating the events of the May Blitz. Year 3 made special lanterns that will be displayed in St Lukes Church over the weekend of 6-8th. More details about this event below:


Out of the Darkness: The haunting story of the Liverpool Blitz, brought to life through sound and light. 6th – 8th May 2016. 9pm - 10pm.


Out of the Darkness is a tribute to the victims of the Liverpool Blitz told through one of the city’s most iconic buildings, St Luke’s Church from 6th – 8th May 2016.


To mark the 75th anniversary of the May Blitz, St Luke’s Church – known affectionately as ‘The Bombed out Church’ – will be transformed by a FREE moving light and sound display. The story of St Luke’s will be told between 9pm and 10pm each evening as the former church is illuminated with lights and stunning visuals as projections are beamed on screens placed in the windows. The display will be accompanied with a moving soundscape featuring a ten minute film rolling throughout the hour.


From 8pm each evening – prior to the show – thousands of stained-glass lanterns will light up the garden, signifying the lives that were lost in one of the country’s worst bombing periods of the Second World War.


St Luke’s Church was hit on May 6th, 1941 leaving just a burnt out shell which has since stood as a memorial to the thousands of people who lost their lives during the Liverpool Blitz.


Year 3 Art Exhibition and sale.

Since coming back after Easter, year 3 have been busy preparing for our Art exhibition. We will be selling our work to raise money for the Good Shepherd Fund so we hope you find something you like!


As  a sneak peak, something we have been working on is self-portraits inspired by the work of artist, Paul Klee and his colour experiments. First we drew our faces using a permanant marker and taking care to use correct proportions. Next we carefully selected coloured tissue squares and laid them over our drawings. After that we sprayed the paper with water and left for 2 minutes. Finally, the magic part- we peeled off the tissue to reveal the colours!

Science and Art Ambassador trip to FACT.

Still image for this video
Tow of our Science and Art Ambassadors tell us about their recent trip to see Unfold, an exhibition at FACT by artists Ryoichi Kurokawa.

Sonic Bloom at the Bluecoat Arts Centre.

Our first Arts Ambassador trip together was to the Bluecoat Arts Centre. During the visit we toured the exhibition and worked with some artists to create our own contribution.


When we arrived at The Blucoat, we were met by Kate and Molly, two artists who were going to show us around. They explained that there are a lot of sounds in the current exhibition, Left Hand to Back of head, Object Held Against Right Thigh, and gave us a map. They asked us to listen carefully as we looked at the artworks and to think about what we could hear. We noted our ideas down on our maps to use later.



After looking at the artworks on display we talked about the sounds we'd heard while we were in the galleries and spent some time recording our own sounds!


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