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I am Miss Davey, the Year 4 class teacher. The children are also supported in their learning by Miss Shields. The children in Year 4 are fantastic learners. Explore our Class page to see some of the fantastic, exciting things we have done this year. You can also head over to our 'Curriculum' page to see more about what we are learning this year!


Year 4 will attend swimming lessons on a Tuesday afternoon. Please make sure your child comes into school with a towel and swimming costume/ trunks ready for Swimming. After swimming, the children will also take part in Dance sessions on Tuesday . Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on Tuesday afternoons. It is vital for health and safety reasons that the children have the correct PE kit.


A positive work ethos makes all the difference to your child's learning, so your support from home is welcomed and encouraged. Reading is a very important aspect of learning, so we actively encourage children to read every night. It is important that your child has a book bag so they are able to take home their Reading Record and Reading book. Book bags can be purchased at the main office.


Every Friday, homework will be given out and is to be handed in on Thursday the following week. The purpose of this homework is to review what the children have learnt during the week. Year 4 will also complete weekly arithmetic/reasoning tests which they are to take home and revise from each week. The children should identify areas of the test that they find challenging. The children are encouraged to come and see me in the morning if they are unsure on any of the questions and we can go through this together. If you or your child are ever unsure on a piece of homework, please do not hesitate to speak to me. The children will also be given spellings to learn.

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North America

Year 4 have been learning about North America in Geography. We enjoyed our lesson labelling the different countries in North America on a map. We also worked as a team to match the different countries' flags with descriptions about the countries. In Geography, we also have been learning a range of map skills, including; learning how to read map symbols and use grid references!


In RE, Year 4 have been thinking about what it means to be chosen or to be 'Called'. We spoke about different situations we have faced when we have been chosen to do something and all the feelings that were involved in being chosen. We listened to a story from Matthew Gospel about how Jesus's disciples were called. Andrew and Simon left their fishing nets on the floor and followed Jesus. We used role-play to act out this moment. We also had a wonderful Collective Worship where we celebrated and rejoiced the end our Called topic. We spoke about how we can go forth and respond positively to being 'chosen' this week.
Thank you to Parents/ Guardians who attended our Year 3 and 4 Maths Parent Workshops. If you were unable to attend the session you can access the materials used from the link below.

Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime

We love writing...

The Giants came to Liverpool

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Trip to the World Museum

Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the World Museum. We began the trip in the Planetarium, where we watched an amazing film all about space. Then, we took part in a very exciting workshop where we learnt about what astronauts wear in space! We then got to explore the rest of what the World Museum had to offer. We especially enjoyed visiting the Ancient Egypt floor!

Judaism - Making Torah scrolls

Year 4 explored a Torah scroll, we then made a Torah scroll of our own. We practised writing in Hebrew on the scroll! 

Art - Mosaics

Look at the wonderful mosaics we created using rice and lentils! 

Collective Worship

As we have reached the end of our RE topic 'People'. Year 4 planned a Collective Worship session to celebrate the end of the topic. The Collective Worship Ambassadors led the session. We listened to scripture from the a Bible about Jacob and his sons and we listened to lovely prayer about family. We are thankful for the wonderful things our family does for us.
The Collective worship Ambassadors in Year 4 helped to create a beautiful Collective Worship table for our class.

A WW2 soldier visits Year 4 in a time-machine

Year 4 had a very exciting morning as they got the opportunity to meet a real-life soldier from WW2. He travelled to our school in a time machine to see us! He told us stories about the war and explained what life was like as a soldier in WW2. The children had already prepared lots of questions to ask him - so we had plenty to ask! The children also got to see the different weapons the soldier used in WW2 and what kinds of equipment he would carry. The WW2 soldier Jack said he would write us a letter when he travels back in his time machine so we look forward to hearing from him!

Roman Mosaics

Year 4 have been learning about Roman Mosaics in Art. Look at some of the fabulous mosaics they created. 

Joseph - Jesus's human father

Year 4 spoke about what we know about Joseph, Jesus's human father. We discussed the love and care that he gave to Jesus. We then designed our own stained glass windows all about Joseph, decorated with symbols which represent his role in Jesus's life and the love he gave. 
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Joseph and his technicoloured dreamcoat

In our RE lesson today, we continued learning about people in Jesus's family tree. We already learnt about Abraham. Today, we learnt about Jacob and his sons. In particular, his favourite son Joseph. We watched a cartoon which told Joseph's story. We had a discussion about Joseph's story and gave reasons for his actions. We then painted our own technicoloured dreamcoat!

Family trees

Year 4 are learning about 'People' in RE. We have been talking about our own family trees. We have created our own class family tree. Each child in the class decorated their own apple to represent their family or a family member of their choice. The children then created their own family trees in their books and then we learnt Jesus's family tree!!
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The Romans

Year 4 created real-life sized Roman soldiers for our classroom display!
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Place value in Maths

Year 4 have been working hard using a range of different equipment to represent different 4-digit numbers! Here are some picture of us working together to use counters to represent a range of different numbers.

The Giants Workshop

Thank you parents and guardians who attended the Giants workshop. The children created fantastic t-shirt designs which represented their hopes and dreams for the future. The t-shirts looked amazing! We are looking forward to the Giants visiting Liverpool from the 4th October - 7th October! 

Rugby Tots

Year 4 enjoy Rugby Tots sessions on a Tuesday afternoon. Make sure to remember your full PE kit! Year 4's throwing and catching skills are improving.
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