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Welcome to Nursery!

The children in Nursery are taught by Mrs Pinchi and are supported by Mrs Rice. We hope that you will visit this page often and find it useful in keeping up to date with your child's learning experiences.


Mrs Pinchi and Mrs Rice

Building a Bridge of Books

Our parents are very creative! Look at the fabulous books they made during week one of Building a Bridge of Books.

Rugby Tots

Rugby Tots 1
Rugby Tots 2
Rugby Tots 3
Rugby Tots 4
Rugby Tots 5
Rugby Tots 6
Rugby Tots 7
Rugby Tots 8
Rugby Tots 9
Rugby Tots 10
Rugby Tots 11
Rugby Tots 12
Rugby Tots 13
Rugby Tots 14
Rugby Tots 15
Rugby Tots 16
Rugby Tots 17
Rugby Tots 18
Rugby Tots 19
Rugby Tots 20
Rugby Tots 21
Rugby Tots 22
Rugby Tots 23

We have Easter Bonnets

Making Easter Nests

Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets 1
Easter Baskets 2
Easter Baskets 3

Our chicks like being at Holy Cross!

Our chicks like being at Holy Cross! 1
Our chicks like being at Holy Cross! 2

Nursery 2 play with the chicks

Nursery 2 play with the chicks 1
Nursery 2 play with the chicks 2
Nursery 2 play with the chicks 3
Nursery 2 play with the chicks 4

Happy Chicks

Happy Chicks 1
Happy Chicks 2

Movie Day

Movie Day 1
Movie Day 2

Nursery 1 playing with the chicks 🐥

We love our chicks 🐤 💗

The chicks are growing!

The chicks are growing! 1
The chicks are growing! 2
The chicks are growing! 3

We have 8 🐥

We have 8 🐥  1

We have five 🐣 🐤 🐥😍👌

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Look what’s arrived in Nursery!

Look what’s arrived in Nursery! 1
Look what’s arrived in Nursery! 2
Today Nursery 1 visited Farmer Ted’s. We saw lots of animals, had a tractor 🚜 ride and had a picnic! We had a lovely day!

Our Farm Visit

Our Farm Visit 1
Our Farm Visit 2

We saw lots of animals

The Guinea Pigs

In the animal barn

Bouncing Around

On the playground

On the playground  1
On the playground  2
On the playground  3
On the playground  4
On the playground  5
On the playground  6
On the playground  7
On the playground  8
On the playground  9
On the playground  10
On the playground  11
On the playground  12
On the playground  13
On the playground  14
On the playground  15
On the playground  16
On the playground  17
On the playground  18
On the playground  19
On the playground  20
On the playground  21
On the playground  22
On the playground  23
On the playground  24
On the playground  25
On the playground  26
On the playground  27
On the playground  28
On the playground  29
On the playground  30

On the tractor

Climbing and sliding

Climbing and sliding  1
Climbing and sliding  2
Climbing and sliding  3
Climbing and sliding  4
Climbing and sliding  5
Climbing and sliding  6
Climbing and sliding  7
Climbing and sliding  8
Climbing and sliding  9
Climbing and sliding  10
Climbing and sliding  11
Climbing and sliding  12
Climbing and sliding  13
Climbing and sliding  14
Climbing and sliding  15
Climbing and sliding  16
Climbing and sliding  17
Climbing and sliding  18
Climbing and sliding  19
Climbing and sliding  20
Climbing and sliding  21
Climbing and sliding  22
Climbing and sliding  23
Climbing and sliding  24
Climbing and sliding  25
Climbing and sliding  26
Climbing and sliding  27
Climbing and sliding  28
Climbing and sliding  29
Climbing and sliding  30
Climbing and sliding  31
Climbing and sliding  32
Climbing and sliding  33
Climbing and sliding  34
Climbing and sliding  35
Climbing and sliding  36
Climbing and sliding  37
Climbing and sliding  38
Climbing and sliding  39
Climbing and sliding  40
Climbing and sliding  41
Climbing and sliding  42
Climbing and sliding  43
Climbing and sliding  44
Climbing and sliding  45
Climbing and sliding  46
Climbing and sliding  47
Climbing and sliding  48
Climbing and sliding  49
Climbing and sliding  50
Climbing and sliding  51
Climbing and sliding  52
Climbing and sliding  53
Climbing and sliding  54
Climbing and sliding  55
Climbing and sliding  56
Climbing and sliding  57
Climbing and sliding  58
Climbing and sliding  59

On the tractors

Ferret Racing

Ferret Racing 1
Ferret Racing 2
Ferret Racing 3
Ferret Racing 4
Ferret Racing 5

On the way home

On the way home  1
On the way home  2
On the way home  3

Celebrating The Chinese New Year

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We made our own lion 🦁

Happy Chinese New Year!🧧

Happy Chinese New Year!🧧  1

The Snowman Dance ⛄️

The Snowman Dance  ⛄️  1
The Snowman Dance  ⛄️  2

Collective Worship

Collective Worship  1
Collective Worship  2
Collective Worship  3
Collective Worship  4
Collective Worship  5
Collective Worship  6
Collective Worship  7
Collective Worship  8
Collective Worship  9
Collective Worship  10
Collective Worship  11
Collective Worship  12

Collective Worship

We made a snow monster!

We made a snow monster! 1

Inside for a warm and hot chocolate!

Inside for a warm and hot chocolate! 1
Inside for a warm and hot chocolate! 2

Fun in the snow

Role Play

Still image for this video
In our home corner we like to act out familiar stories.

We ❤️Technology

We ❤️Technology  1 Our fire engine came to life.
We ❤️Technology  2 It moved around.
We coloured in our picture of the fire engine 🚒 We then held our iPad over our picture and watched it come to life!
We have been using CHATTA to tell stories. It is helping us to construct sentences and develop our vocabulary.


CHATTA  1 The Snowman by Raymond Briggs ⛄️ CHATTA
Happy new year! We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and that the children are just as excited as us, to be returning to Nursery! This half term we will be looking at the book ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs as the children have been asking many questions about snow. We do hope that we will have a some snow this half term and that we will be able to build our very own snowman ⛄️ fingers crossed!

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs 1

Party time

Party time 1
Party time 2
Party time 3
Party time 4
Party time 5
Party time 6
Party time 7
Party time 8
Party time 9
Party time 10
Party time 11
Party time 12
Party time 13
Party time 14
Party time 15
Party time 16
Party time 17
Party time 18
Party time 19
Party time 20
Party time 21

Look who visited 🎅

Look who visited 🎅  1

Jingle Bells 🔔 🔔

Still image for this video
We enjoyed singing for Father Christmas!

We had a visitor in the night!

We had a visitor in the night! 1 He brought a 🧚‍♀️ for the 🎄 and a new rug.

Christmas is almost here 🎄

Christmas is almost here 🎄  1
Christmas is almost here 🎄  2
Christmas is almost here 🎄  3
Christmas is almost here 🎄  4
Christmas is almost here 🎄  5
Christmas is almost here 🎄  6
Christmas is almost here 🎄  7
Christmas is almost here 🎄  8
Christmas is almost here 🎄  9

We have been learning about Advent.

Class Worship

Class Worship  1
Class Worship  2
Class Worship  3

We enjoy building models with our friends.

We enjoy building models with our friends. 1
We enjoy building models with our friends. 2
We enjoy building models with our friends. 3
We enjoy building models with our friends. 4

Playing and making arrangements with shape.

Picture 1
Picture 2

We can hear and write some sounds!

We have now moved into our new Nursery and our lovely big outdoor area! 
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

The Baptism

The Baptism  1
The Baptism  2
Today Nursery 1 visited Calderstones Park, we went on a coach with Year 1. When we arrived we went into the Japanese Garden and found some beautiful red leaf  trees 🍁 We collected lots of different shaped leaves and then sat and made beautiful pictures. 
Picture 1 Look at these beautiful orange leaves.
Picture 2 This tree makes a fabulous den.
Picture 3 Lots of Autumn colours.
Picture 4 Coloured leaves for our pictures.
Picture 1 We found a pond.
Picture 2 We walked along paths.
Picture 3 We found interesting trees.
Picture 4 We love the park! 💗
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
We finished our morning with a picnic and ice-cream for everyone!
Picture 1
We had a wonderful day and thank you parents for helping out.
Today Chester Zoo came to visit Nursery and they brought some items for us to look at. The leopard skin was really soft and lovey to touch. We also held a snake skin which was very very long. We were surprised at the monkeys skull, as the teeth were so big!

Chester Zoo

Let’s go to the Rainforests

Still image for this video

Soft feathers

Still image for this video

Let’s be an elephant

Still image for this video

Monkey teeth 🐒

Still image for this video
Today we visited Knowsley Safari Park and we saw lots of animals that link to our Jungle topic. We enjoyed the Sealion Show and the Sensory Workshop. Thank you to all the parents and staff that came to help and support the children it was much appreciated! 

Knowsley Safari Park

Here come the monkeys

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Here come the lions

The camels came to say hello.

The Sealion Show

The Sealion Show 1
The Sealion Show 2
The Sealion Show 3
The Sealion Show 4

The playground

On the slide

An elephants tooth

Gary the Giant Snail

We had a fabulously day!

We had a fabulously day!  1

We like elephants!

We like elephants! 1 Elephants are grey.
We like elephants! 2 Elephants are big.
We like elephants! 3 What sound does elephant begin with?
The children have returned from their holidays and enjoyed sharing their news. Some of the children have visited India, Turkey and the UK and were keen to talk about the differences in the environments. The children were particularly interested in the types of animals that can be found in other countries, especially ‘elephants.’  We read the story Elmer by David McKee and noticed the animals appearance and their different patterns and colours. We learnt that zebras have a black and white repeat pattern and tigers have a orange, black and white repeat pattern. This linked nicely to our maths lessons of pattern and shape. We have also enjoyed painting jungle animals and are beginning to hear and write some initial sounds. 
The children have settled into Nursery and are beginning to explore all the environment inside and out. Please remember to send your child with a coat as it can be a bit chilly out of doors first thing in the morning. 
We love the mud kitchen! It has been restocked with all new utensils! 😍
Picture 1
Picture 2
We have fairies and dragons in Nursery. 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 
Picture 1
We've had 6 6 3 4 8 Visitors