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I am Miss Cresswell, the fortunate teacher of Year 5 and I would like to introduce our class page. Here is where you will find out about the exciting and enjoyable things we have been getting up to during the year. The children in Year 5 are passionate and determined learners who are always willing to try new things in order to deepen their understanding. Please explore our ‘Curriculum Page’ to gain an insight into what we are learning this year!


PE is currently taking place on a Tuesday afternoon whereby the children will take part in multiple Rugby Tots sessions. Please ensure your child has full PE kit in school on Monday ready for activities during the week. It is vital for the children to bring full PE kit so they can take part in the PE sessions safely and comfortably. 


Reading is a very important aspect of learning and can make a fantastic impact across the different subjects. We actively encourage children to read every night and record what they have read in their Reading Record. The Reading Record is to be signed by an adult at home regularly. It is important that your child has a book bag so they are able to take home their Reading Record and Reading book.


In Year 5, homework will be given out on a Friday and is to be returned by the following Wednesday. Year 5 will also complete a weekly arithmetic test which they are to take home and revise from each week. The children should identify areas of the test that they find challenging. The children are encouraged to come and see me in the morning if they are unsure on any of their arithmetic questions and we can go through this together. If you or your child are ever unsure on a piece of homework, please do not hesitate to speak to me.

Black History Workshop

This week, the children actively participated in a fantastic workshop based on famous stories and people that form parts of history. The workshop focused on Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. The children participated in many different role play opportunities to gain and deepened understanding of each of the stories. The children all really enjoyed the workshop and learnt lots!


This week, the children completed a lesson focusing on ‘The Underwear Rule’. The children all participated in a class discussion about keeping ourselves private and protecting ourselves. The children then decorated their own ‘pants’ to remind us of the rules. This will go on display within our classroom!

Music - Jazz/glockenspiels

In music, the children have began to look at jazz pieces. The children have been learning to play the glockenspiels focusing on keeping in time with one another and playing as part of a band. Year 5 really enjoy music lessons and always try hard to improve their skills. 

Maths Problem Solving Workshop

The children took part in a fantastic problem solving workshop. The children worked together to practically solve the challenging problems that they faced. 

50/50 Challenge - Class 5 Market

Year 5 took part in raising money for Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. The children received £50 and had to work together to use that money in order to turn it around and make a profit. The children decided to sell hair bows, donuts and drinks on their stalls. All the children showed excellent teamwork and made a total of £203.25 altogether! Well done Year 5! We are all very proud!

Brazilian Carnival Dance

The children have been enjoying learning some traditional Brazilian carnival dance moves this week. The children are going to use what they have learnt to choreograph their own dance sequence in the upcoming week.

Following Instructions - Card Games

In English, the children have been focusing on instructions. In this lesson, the children had to follow instructions to play a variety of card games. The children then had to analyse the instructions stating what was good about them and what could be improved. The children will use what they found out to help when creating their own instructions to ensure they are easy to follow and of a good standard.

Following Instructions - Witches Fingers

In English, the children enjoyed following a set of instructions to make ‘Witches Fingers’. The children worked together to follow the steps accurately to ensure they made their ‘fingers’ correctly. 


E-safety - Being aware of who you may be speaking to online

Year 5 have been looking at how to be safe online. The children have read two different books about being aware of who it is you are speaking to online and how it may be someone pretending to be someone else. After a class discussion, the children created their own E-safety posters to bring an awareness to others.

South African Sunset

Year 5 created their own African sunset paintings. The lesson focused on drawing to scale and mixing colours together accurately to find the correct colour for their sunset. The children used watercolours and poster paint to create their art work.

Binary Code

Today the children learnt about binary code and how to convert numbers into binary code. The children each made a ‘binary piano’ to help them with converting the numbers into binary code.


African/Repeated Patterns - Printing

Year 5 have been looking at repeated patterns and African patterns in art. The children analysed and compared a variety of African patterns and used what they found out to design their own patterns, The children then used the printing process to transfer their patterns onto card. The children used two colours to show the different stages of printing.


School Council Vote


This week, the children discussed the advantages of becoming part of the school council. The children came up with their very own persuasive speeches and presented these very confidently to the class. I would like to congratulate Tanmayee and Kiki on their success of becoming part of the school council.

English Ambassadors


The children again participated within a vote to appoint our new English Ambassadors to represent Year 5. We listened to a number of pupils speeches about why they would make an ideal candidate. The children then voted for their two favourites! I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Florence and Kiki on their success!

Maths Ambassadors


This week the children had their very own democratic vote. All of the candidates were extremely persuasive and each of their points provided fantastic reasons to favour their likelihood of becoming an ambassador. However, the chosen ambassadors are Tanmayee and Lottie, therefore I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on their success. 

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