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Year 6

I am Mrs Griffiths, the lucky teacher of Class 6 and I would like to welcome you to our class page! Here is where we will keep you updated on all of the exciting and fun things we have been getting up to during the week. Class 6 are enthusiastic about their learning and they are proud to present their work to you on our website.


Class 6 are also extremely lucky to have Miss Bedson who will be supporting us in the classroom with our learning this year. Miss Bedson will be with us for three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Why not have a look at our 'Curriculum Page' too  and check out the interesting topics we will be learning about throughout the school year!


This year, PE lessons will take place on a Thursday afternoon and during the first half of the Autumn Term and second half of the Summer Term, we will be travelling to Everton Sports Park for our important Swimming lessons. Pupils are required to have the full, appropriate kits for these activities to ensure they can take part comfortably and safely.


As you know, reading is a huge focus in our school and it can have a fantastic impact on pupils' learning across the different curriculum areas. In class 6, reading records are kept by the children and should be signed by an adult at home at least twice a week. These records are checked by myself every Friday and a 'Reader of The Week' is selected and rewarded for their efforts!


In year 6, homework is of particular importance as pupils will be preparing to sit their end of Key Stage 2 SATs in May next year. The homework will be given out every Friday and is to be returned te following Monday. The purpose of homework is to review the pupils' work from the week but at times may revisit prior learning as a method of revision. Class 6 will also receive additional spelling lists to practise and these words can be located in their reading records where the year 5 and 6 curriculum spellings are listed. If you or your child are ever unsure on a piece of homework, please do not hesitate to speak to me.


I look forward to working with you this year!

'The Journey' - English & PSHE

The children have been exploring the story 'The Journey', written by Francesca Sanna. Through the text and illustrations, the children have held thoughtful discussions around the sensitive and current topic of refugees. They raised and answered questions about the importance of acceptance and equality and about the responsibility we share as human kind to support and care for one another. They demonstrated empathy towards the characters and put their selves into the shoes of those who have suffered by writing from different view points. 

Harry Potter ... And a surprise visit to the film set of 'Tolkien'!

A day of Franks - Central Library visit

During our visit to Central Library, the English Ambassadors were delighted to meet Frank Cottrell Boyce and listen to an extract from one of his wonderful stories. The children got to hear all about Frank's inspirations and ideas! This was all part of Liverpool School Improvement's Diary writing initiative, in which our pupils took part by reading extracts from Anne Frank's diary. We also had the pleasure of listening to other diary entries and still extracts as well as watching performance poetry from another local school!

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Project - have a look at our display and enjoy reading our fantastic poems based on Bruno's harrowing tale...

Sarah McIntyre - Author and Illustrator!

The children had the great pleasure of meeting Sarah McIntyre at Central Library. They listened to her new story all about pugs and she shared her tips and inspiration for her writing. The children were very excited when Sarah even taught us how to illustrate our very own pugs with an easy step-by-step guide! There were some very interesting and amazing pugs around!

Water Safety Week - Swimming!

The class took part in a water safety session during their weekly swimming lesson where they were instructed to wear pyjamas in the water to get a feel for the difficulty you could face if you were to fall in water fully clothed! They answered questions in a fun quiz about flags at the seaside and discussed the safe and unsafe places to swim. The children had lots of fun and are now all clued up on water safety! 

Road Safety

The whole school participated in a road safety awareness assembly delivered by a road safety officer. We discussed the importance of road safety around our school and our city and we identified different ways in which we can help keep each other safe. Some pupils even had the chance to model some funky fluorescent items that you can wear to make yourself extra visible - especially in the dark, winter months! We finished the assembly with a catchy rhyme that everyone enjoyed sharing. 
Our class, along with year 5, were lucky enough to welcome Erik Eriksson (the Viking!) to our school for an entire day. He taught us all about his civilisation including rules around marriage, roles for men and women and how Vikings got their names. He also brought with him an enormous amount of Viking artefacts for us to explore including clothes, animal furs, jewellery, tools and even instruments which got a chance to play! 

The Prodigal Son Returns - Painting our own interpretations!

After learning all about the parable of the Prodigal Son, we decided to have a go at recreating at our own versions of Rembrandt's painting from 1669. We explored colours, position and expression when sketching and painting our interpretations to express the unconditional love the father felt and the sorrow of the son. 


The class enjoyed playing the 'policia' game to practise the names of the facial features in Spanish - they did a super job at remembering all of the names correctly! 

Science - Classification!

The children have been working hard in science to identify the different characteristics of living things, to help them to classify them into different groups. One group was exploring an exciting range of bugs whilst the other groups were organising their own imaginary zoos! 

Class Trial! Should the Prodigal Son be welcomed back?

Class 6 held a class trial to debate whether or not the Prodigal Son should be welcomed back at the farm by his father. The class were divided into 3 teams: the prosecution, the defence and the jury. Both the prosecution and defence teams put forward excellent arguments but it was later decided by the jury, that the Prodigal Son should be allowed home and would have his welcome feast with his father and friends. The verdict was announced by a nominated speaker - everyone had great fun taking on the roles of a courtroom!

The Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Company!

This afternoon, the children were involved in an assembly delivered by the wonderful Beth Tweddle gymnastics company. They talked about the benefits of gymnastics and how you shouldn't be afraid to try something new as you never know how good you are till you give it a try! They were able to win prizes by answering questions about Beth herself and watched an exciting video of her achievements.

Maths Ambassador Vote - demonstrating our British Values!

Today, the class out the democracy skills into action and voted for the Class 6 Maths Ambassadors! After listening to several excellent speeches made by the candidates, the children used their votes to decide who would be ideal for the job. We also took the opportunity to discuss the importance of having our opinions heard - we all have the right to a voice!
Last week, Classes 4, 5 & 6 visited the exciting Storybarn at Calderstones Park. Although the rain poured down, it did not stop us from having fun! We experienced hunting for different stories amongst the different trees with Redwood and Fernando Firtree, we listened to different versions of the traditional tale 'Hansel and Gretel', we put our drama skills to the test in a conscience alley,  we used our creative skills to interpret and design our own gingerbread houses from the story, before using ink to print in bright, primary colours. Finally we got the opportunity to explore and play around in the magnificent barn itself, full of exciting and mysterious objects and before we left, we all had the chance to have a turn in the thrilling Storybarn slide!  

Introducing our new topic in English ... The children loved exploring the trunk of items and images!

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