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Year 3

I am Miss Kronenburg, the Year 3 class teacher. The children are also supported in their learning by Miss Mcardle on Wednesday afternoons. The children in Class 3 are fantastic learners. Explore our Class page to see some of the fantastic, exciting things we have done this year. You can also head over to our 'Curriculum' page to see more about what we are learning this year! 


This year, PE will be taught on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on Wednesday. It is vital for health and safety reasons that the children have the correct PE kit.


A positive work ethos makes all the difference to your child's learning, so your support from home is welcomed and encouraged. Reading is a very important aspect of learning, so we actively encourage children to read every night. It is important that your child has a book bag so they are able to take home their Reading Record and Reading book. Book bags can be purchased at the main office.


Every Friday, homework will be given out and is to be handed in before Thursday the following week. The children will also be given spellings to practise.

Building our own stone age homes.

We made our own neolithic and mesolithic homes. First we coloured, cut, folded and stuck out nets. Then we used our collected materials to strengthen and decorate our structures. Finally we took our homes outside and photgraphed them.

Collecting stone age materials.

We researched stone age homes and found out that they were built from leaves, sticks, shells, bones, mud and animal dung. We tried to find some of our own materials in the school grounds and collected lots of bits that we can use to create our own mesolithic and neolithic homes next week.

Plotting chronological timelines.

We worked in small groups to plot key events from the stone age on time lines. We had to be careful to make sure they were in chronological order.

The Wolves in the Walls: Jam tarts.

In our english lessons we have been reading The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman. The mum in the story loves to make jam so in our cokkery lesson this week we decided to make our own jam tarts. Delicious!

Picture 1

The Wolves in the Walls: Making predictions.

We had to put our detective hats on in our english lesson today. We carefully examined one picture for clues that would help us to make a prediction about the story and recorded our ideas in groups.

Cave paintings.

Today we found out that stone age people used art to communicate messages and ideas. We look at some ancient cave paintings and designed our out. We used chalks to draw our design onto black paper and then we scrumpled our work up to make it look like the walls of a cave. Our paintings will be used to create our classroom display.


This week we have been reading Beegu. The story has helped us to learn how to be kind and welcoming to eachother and helped us to understand that their are no outsiders in our school. We spent some time imagining what Beegu's home planet was like and created a great display for our reading corner.

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