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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!


I am Miss Crute, the Year 1 class teacher. The children are also supported in their learning by Miss McArdle. The children have all settled into year 1 wonderfully and are becoming superb independent learners! You can also head over to our 'Curriculum' page to see more about what we are learning this year!




This year, PE will be taught on Thursday afternoons. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school on these afternoons. It is vital for health and safety reasons that the children have the correct PE kit.

Jack and the Beanstalk

If you would like to see the video of Year 1's story actions please follow this link

Global Learning


We were very lucky to have students from Hope University into year 1 to complete workshops on gender equality. We completed four different activities:

- How anybody can play with any toy they would like to.

- We are all the same on the inside, no matter our differences on the outside.

- We can all work at any job we wish!

- Girls and boys can have any favourite colour.



DT week


As part of our DT project week we created our own fruit salads. First, we looked at different type of fruit and vegetables and how many we knew. We then sorted them into fruit and vegetables, we looked at how we could determine whether it was a fruit or vegetable. Next, we tasted some new fruits and described their taste and texture Then we planned our fruit salads designed our plates. Finally, we cut up our fruit and made delicious fruit salads and a tasty berry smoothie! Thank you to our cook Katie for helping us!

Dancing like a meerkat!


As part of our topic, 'Could a meerkat live in the North Pole' we have looked how meerkats move and stand together. We explored their movements and created a dance just like the meerkats in the Kalahari Desert.

Hot and cold colours

What material makes the best house for the three little pigs?


We had lots of using different materials to make house for the three little pigs. We used straws, blocks and play doh. Once the houses were complete we put our pigs into the house and huffed and puffed to blow them over! Our results showed that the blocks were the best and straw was the worst. 

Crime report


Today, somebody came to Holy Cross Primary School and made a bit of a mess!Year one were asked to investigate. We think it might have been the bear from the great paper caper! In literacy, we have written crime reports to record what has happened today. 



We have been learning about subtraction in maths. We practised reading subtraction equations and using our blocks to take away. We tried very hard when writing our own subtraction equations on our whiteboards and pens. 

The Great Paper Caper


Today we had a visitor! Somebody left sticks, leaves, paper and a book! We made predictions about who it might have been. We thought that it might have been somebody who lived in the forest . 

Phonics club

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What makes the best crash mat?


We listened to the story of Humpty Dumpty and thought what would be the best crash mat for him to fall on. We made our predictions and tested the materials with a plastic egg. Afterwards, we checked with a real egg! We found that paper and wood would not be good crash mats.

Number bonds to 10


Today we have been learning all about are number bonds to 10 and practised recalling these. We used sticky fingers to share number bonds to 10. We then worked with our partners to write our number bonds to 10 In a running reporter activity, We are beginning to recall some of our number bonds!

We love snow!

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Elf on the shelf


We received a parcel from Santa this week! We were very excited to give hime a name, we voted and Buddy won! Check out all the things he has got up to!

Science Ambassadors


We gave our speeches and voted for our ambassadors. Well done to Rosie and Olivia!

Absorbent materials


Miss McArdle asked us to check which cloth was best to clean up after her messy cat. We got different kitchen rolls and timed them to see which absorbed the most water.

Calderstones Park


As part of out topic 'Where do the leaves go in winter' we visited Calderstones Park to look at how the leaves change colour. We collected lots of different leaves and pine cones to make collages when we returned to school. We had lots of fun and even got some ice-cream :)!



As part of our science topic - materials - we looked at how different materials can change when they are heated up. We predicted what we thought would happen to the chocolate and the butter. Katie helped us melt the materials and we could see how they had changed. 


After that, we tried making our own ice cream. It was lots of fun to do! But it was very cold and our arms were tired from all the shaking! If you want to try your own click the link below!

Weather Presenting


We have been looking at the weather and monitoring what we can see. We looked at what a weather presenter's job is like and practised presenting the weather. Mr Mills came in and let us use the green screen to film our reports, we even got to have a go using the camera! It was so much fun!

We're Going On A Lion Hunt


We have looked at different animals and the different settings we could do for our own versions of the story.

We came up with some great ideas:

- Long, green vines

- Tall, blue waterfall

- Old rickety bridge

- Soft, squishy sand.

Part, whole model


In maths we have looked at partitioning numbers, we have done fantastically well! We decided to go outside and split our selves into different groups. We thought of different things such as cardigans or jumpers, bows or now bows, eye colour.

Junk modelling

School Councillor


Year 5 helped us write speeches for our classes school councillor. We all gave great ideas and our winners were Ameerah and Emilia. Well done!

Road Safety Assembly


We had a fantastic assembly all about keeping safe on the roads as it begins to get darker. We all listened well and learned how we can make ourselves be seen in the dark.

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Year 2's Fair


Year 2 put on a brilliant fair where we got to play games such as darts, snakes and ladders, tom bola and pin the tail on the donkey. Thank you year 2!

City Explorer


Next term we will be learning all about our local area. In preparation for this Year one and two enjoyed a bus trip around the famous landmarks in Liverpool.

Toy workshop


We attended a toy workshop at the Museum of Liverpool, here we learned all about old and new toys. We learned what they are made of and what sort of toys people used to play with. Afterwards we got to play with lots of different toys.





We are very lucky to have year five children come to class on a Friday and read with us. It is lots of fun having them with us.

Labelling Stickman 

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We really enjoyed watching the story of Stickman and reading the story at the same time.
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Class Rules


As a class we came up with our rules, afterwards we wrote our name and stuck it up to show how we all agree with the rules.

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