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Year 4

Dear Parents and Carers,


During your child’s time away from school, please take the opportunity to continue to help develop their learning.

The children will be set tasks online through Purple Mash, Spelling Shed and Mathletics by me. These tasks are linked to what the children would currently be learning in Year 4. It is important for children to complete these activities. The children also have access to Timestable Rockstars. 


When children hand their work in through Purple Mash, they can send me a message to let me know how they are finding the tasks. It would be lovely for the children to keep in touch with me and let me know how they are getting on with their learning and tasks at home! Children can also use this if they have any questions they would like to ask about their work. The children in Year 4 also know how to use 2email to ask for any help with tasks they are struggling with. 


I will mark the Purple Mash activities handed in every day and reply to children's comments. This will be a great way to keep in touch.


Please message the school office if you need anything, keep safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon! If you do not have access to ICT devices, please inform the school office so work can be provided. Also, contact the school office if you need your child's logins to any of the websites mentioned above. 

Mrs Shaw smiley

Religious Education - Advent Home Learning Pack

A range of fun Christmas activities linked to our Advent topic in Religious Education that can be done at home.

Rising Stars Reading

Year 4 have recently been given access to a fantastic new online resource - Rising Stars Reading. Here the children can read a wide range of different genres from the comfort of their home, then complete quizzes and activities to improve their reading and comprehension skills. Each child has been given their own login to access this website. Parents have also been sent this login by email. If you have any issues accessing this site please contact the school office. 

Home Learning Pack Week 1

Home Learning Pack Week 2

Home Learning Pack Week 3

Home Learning Pack Week 4

Home Learning Pack Week 5

Home Learning Pack Week 6

Home Learning Pack Week 7

This week, there is a wonderful certificate included in the Answers and Guidance pack you could reward your children for all their excellent hard work. Keep up the good work Year 4! smiley

Home Learning Pack Week 8

Home Learning Pack Week 9

Home Learning Pack Week 10

Home Learning Pack Week 11

Home Learning Pack Week 12

Year 4 Revision Booklets

Year 4 Home Learning Pack 

Maths Arithmetic Tests

Grammar Tests

Reading Tests

Extra worksheets

Below I've uploaded extra worksheets if your child completes the home pack given, along with answers to the worksheets. I've also added some practical ideas, for practical Maths activities that can be completed at home.

Practical ideas

Here are a variety of supplementary activities that could be done to support learning your child's learning at home:

  • Writing a diary/journal about the current events - it will be a part of world history one day! In Year 4, we have spoken about Anne Frank's diary. The children could create a journal of their own.
  • Baking and cooking - there is lots of Maths involved in baking!
  • Teach your child to tell the time. In Year 4, the children focus on converting analogue to digital and digital to analogue.
  • Learning about money! Lots of application of Maths skills can be taught through money. Set up a miniature tuck shop at home! The children could practise paying for snacks.
  • Drawing and painting
  • Visiting the Spelling Shed website to practise the year 3/4 word list
  • Junk modelling out of recycled cartons, boxes etc. In Year 4, the children were given homework to create a gas mask and WW2 gas mask bag. You could create these using junk materials at home.
  • Understanding the importance of regular exercise - Joe Wicks' live PE stream daily. Year 4 have taken part in lots of mindfulness and yoga this year. 

Premier League Stars

Religious Education Home Learning 




Use Oxford Owl to practise your spellings and reading at home! To login click on 'My class login'. And use this login:

Username: holycross_y4
Password: HOLYCROSS_Y4



Year 4 to use -  Username: Holycross4 Password: HolyCross4  -to login to Oddizzi. 

Spanish Activities

Y4_Summer1_DEPORTES_sin_pelota_Video_ppt 1.wmv

Still image for this video

Y4_Summer1_DEPORTES_Video 1.wmv

Still image for this video

Physical Education

Cosmic Kids is another free exercise website. There are different types of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness activities.


Mindfulness Video

Still image for this video
Take a few minute to take part in this mindfulness video. Year 4 have completed mindfulness videos like this before in class and we find it really helps us relax when we're feeling anxious or stressed. Enjoy!

Music  - Sing up home schooling page  - free body percussion workshops  - new set of resources from the BBC launched last year  - a more established programme of interactive classical resources from the BBC  A set of resources about classical composers  - Dallas symphony orchestra’s site just for children 

Art and DT


Do you think you could do an hour of coding? Would you like to achieve a Coding Certificate?

Then, access this website... 

and enter the world of code!

Click Try it. Look for coding that interests you! It's suitable for lots of different age groups! The 'Grade' is what Year group you are in. There's Minecraft, Star Wars, Flappy Bird, and many other coding games for you to explore.

I had a go of the Moana one and it was lots of fun!

Have fun coding

Lots of Year 4 children have enjoyed creating their own Purple Mash Blogs and adding their own comments onto others' blogs. Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with your class friends and sharing what exciting things you've been doing in lockdown! Go onto Purple Mash and have a go creating your own blog! You could create a quiz, animation or game for your class friends to play!


All the fantastic resources above are free, but if you're looking to purchase learning materials through Amazon, has compiled a list of fantastic resources for learning at home. 

Extra resources

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