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Phys Kids

To become a Phys Kid, the children took part in a vote whereby they each expressed their interests in becoming a Phys Kid, stating why they believed they would be suitable for this role within our school.


Phys Kids have a very important job of helping KS1 and KS2 children at lunch time by teachings them skills as well as specific sports. KS1 Phys-Kids focus on skills such as: balancing; throwing and catching; relay races; learning how to play together as a team and how to be supportive of their friends during sports. KS2 Phys-Kids focus on the teaching of specific sports that are of interest to the children within our school such as: Tennis, Netball and Rounders. 


KS1 Phys-Kids have focused on Basic Skills throughout the year with children starting from Reception age. The main focus has been around balancing, throwing and catching, skipping and 'personal best' games such as relay. Relay has became our most popular activity to participate in during lunch time. The children in KS1 are each day learning new skills from our fantastic Phys-Kids leaders and growing in confidence. 
KS2 Phys-Kids leaders focus on the skills of specific sports. So far this year, we have focused on Netball, Tennis and Rounders. The children are all enhancing their skills and confidence in these sports areas. We have also noticed that by varying the sports game available during lunch time, much more children are becoming actively involved and are enjoying exercise much more.
Phys-Kids leaders attend weekly meetings with Miss Cresswell whereby they discuss and decide on two 'Phys-Kids champions' who are to receive a certificate for their hard work and determination displayed to our Phys-Kids during the week. The children then receive their certificates during our celebration assembly. 
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