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Our Maths Ambassadors

Holy Cross KS2 Maths Ambassadors

Each class teacher from Y1-Y6 gave the children time to give speeches about why they would like to be a Maths Ambassador before holding an election and voting for their winner. Two children from each class were chosen. Well done to the lucky winners who were able to demonstrate why Maths is important in life and their passsion for Maths.
Maths Ambassadors have been working hard as Maths buddies helping the younger classes in Maths.

The Maths Ambassadors enjoyed a fantastic trip to Imagine That! Underwater Street. The Maths Ambassadors used their amazing mathematical skills to create slime!  In the Science area the children experienced exhibits that demonstrated the power of air, a scarf blower and a wind tunnel. They explored the giant electric circuits, a hand crank generator, a giant electricity stick, and pedal power bicycles where the children could see how they can generate electricity. The children had lots of fun in the dark room where the children experimented with white light. The children stepped into a giant bubble maker. We created bubbles about 6ft! The Pump and Splash Water Area was full of fun as the children pumped the water to fill and tip the buckets and pump to turn the water wheel. We estimated the amounts of water in the buckets.  Maths is in everything! We enjoyed finding the Maths in different Art activities too! The Art Area began in the ConservARTory with chalk boards, see through easels, mosaics and weaving. The children took a pot of paint and left their mark on a real car! At the entrance to the Construction zone were lifesize dinosaur footprints. The children used their Maths skills to measure their own feet against dinosaur footprints! At the Imagination Village the children experienced a Pizzeria, a Pet rescue, Hair Salon, American Diner, Supermarket, Car Wash, Theatre, Back stage costume area and T.V Studio - all jobs that require good Maths skills! The Maths Ambassadors had lots of fun!

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