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Our Artsmark Journey

Year 1, Walker Art Gallery Visit.

Year 1 have been exploring how they can depict mood and atmosphere in their paintings. At the gallery they did sketching, creative writing and role-play to explore how artists did this. Back at school we will put our new skills to the test.


Glyndebourne Opera Arts award.


A group of Year 4,5 and 6 children have completed their Discover Arts Award with the Glyndebourne Opera Company. The children took part in a practical workshops at school and went to see a performance of L'Eliser D'Amore at the Empire Theatre.  Back at school the children reflected on these activities and created theire own props or costumes, researched the directors and gave their opinions. 

Tate Residency: What did we think?

Year 3 shared with us some of their thoughts about their time at Tate Liverpool.

Tate Residency.

Year 3 took part in a week long residency at Tate Liverpool. CHildren took advantage of being in this inspiring environment by completing a daily project brief. This approach provided the children with more space and time to be inspired by the unique opportunity of being based within a gallery and surrounded by world class art and heritage sites. Projects were carefully planned to meet specific curriculum objectives and embedded within the year 3 programme of study. Each project will have a different subject focus however, certain strands such as PSHE, art, English and maths ran throughout all projects. The children had a wonderful time as did the teachers!

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