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Jamie and Lucy planted their sunflowers last week and they are starting to grow. Here are some photos of the story of them planting and decorating their pots.
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Jamie and Lucy finished their project on South America today and decided to build a totem pole bigger than them!!
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Working Hard

Working Hard 1
Working Hard 2

Making things out of cardboard

Making things out of cardboard 1
Making things out of cardboard 2

Ramadan decoration

Ramadan Mubarak!

Learning to tell the time

Learning to tell the time 1
Learning to tell the time 2
Learning to tell the time 3

Solar System

Making a solar system

Still image for this video

Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum Chamber 1
Vacuum Chamber 2
Vacuum Chamber 3

Making kids Volcano at home

Making Volcano at home By Arnav Agrawal

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Home Economics

Lego School

Aaron is working away every day with his homework but stopped to make this in his lunch break as he is missing his teacher and friends in class so he made one from lego and now has it in his bedroom when he working so he feels he is still in class

To celebrate her birthday one pupil was Queen for the day (and that meant no school work). But she has been busy though making her egg display, she loves arts and crafts! She has called it ‘Buzzing Bee Hive’. 


This would have been perfect for our Eggs-hibition. 


Happy Birthday!

Craft Work

Bana and Mirna managed to do the school workout with Joe Wick's daily at 9. Also, we did a lot of crafts and cooking. We had some issues with studying at the beginning but now things are going smoother and easier.


I attached some photos of their craft work.

Making a smoothie

Art lessons

Art lessons 1

One of our pupils has been taking part in an free art class available on Instagram and Facebook by ArtistJohnCharles, everyday at 11am.


Here she is with some of the pictures she's drawn so far.

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