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At Holy Cross, we intend our children to become inspired and curious to know and remember more about the past and to think and act like historians. Medium term planning for each year group intends to incorporate key themes of History to ensure that our Historical Curriculum is not only in-depth but also progressive. We aim for the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding of History to be broadened through the following key elements:


  • Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past
  • Chronological understanding
  • Historical interpretation
  • Historical enquiry
  • Organisation and communication



We teach the National Curriculum, using long term planning outlining which historical topics should be taught and when. This has been carefully considered to ensure that the children can build progression through a cross-curricular link or a link within the History Curriculum itself.  Each topic has been well thought out in order to deepen children's understanding and allow them to make connections throughout the curriculum and access previous learnt topics.


Historical progression documents of the key elements, EYFS – Y6, ensures that previous learning of knowledge, skills and understanding is remembered, built upon and enhanced. 


At Holy Cross we ensure that all children are given equal opportunities regardless of background, ability and additional needs.By the time the children at Holy Cross leave our school they should have developed:


  • A secure knowledge and understanding of people, events and contexts from the historical periods covered.
  • A secure chronological understanding of Historical events and periods studied.
  • The ability to communicate ideas about the past using different genres of writing, drawing, diagrams, data-handling.
  • The ability to shape their historical views using appropriate and accurate evidence through a range of sources. 
  • A wide range of vocabulary which they are able to use and apply to effectively demonstrate their historical knowledge.


At Holy Cross we ensure that the impact of History is recorded through termly assessed pieces based on their learning and pupil voice. 




    Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks

    Year 2 have been learning about Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks and their global achievements. We created fact files about Nelson Mandela

    Kitty Wilkinson

    Year 1 have been using sources from the past to ask questions. They are learning about a local inspirational hero Kitty Wilkinson, how significant her actions were and why we are till learning about her today.

    History Detectives

    Year 4 enjoyed acting as History Detectives as they explored different Roman artefacts. We thought about what the object looked like, what materials it was made from, what it was used for and what it tells us about the past.

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