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We have added a link to Nutritionist Resource website where there are sections on diets for children, lunch box ideas, fussy eaters and healthy eating for kids, which could be useful for parents.

Apple Crumble

In their cookery lesson this week, Year 4 have been making Apple Crumble. 
Year 2 started their cookery lessons this week by making Chocolate Croissants. Before starting they learned about hygiene and how important it is that they wash their hands. They also put on aprons and hair nets. If you would like to make the Chocolate Croissants at home please find the recipe at the top of the page. 
Year 3 have been making and decorating their own Gingerbread Men. If you would like to make your own you can follow the recipe below. 
Year 1 had fun making their own ice cream by putting milk and vanilla into a bag. We then put that in to a bigger bag with ice and salt and shook it very hard! If you want to make your own ice cream you can do so my following the recipe below. 

Challah Bread

This week in RE Year 2 have been learning all about Judaism and the celebration of Shabbat. Jewish people eat a special type of bread on Shabbat called Challah bread so we decided to make some of our own. It was very tasty!!! 

Gingerbread Houses

To celebrate National Baking Week (16th-22nd October) the pupils took part in the Great Holy Cross Bake Off. We held 2 competitions, one for Early Years and Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2. We had so many amazing entries, as you can see above, it was so hard to choose the winners. 

The Great Holy Cross Bake Off Winners

Well done to all of our winners. 


1st Place: Joseph M

2nd Place: Mohammed A

3rd Place: Harry E


Years 1 & 2

1st Place: Tillie-Ann

2nd Place: Amy

3rd Place: Ihsan


Years 3 & 4

1st Place: Rachel

2nd Place: Harris

3rd Place: Sai Shravya


Years 5 & 6

1st Place: Maggie

2nd Place: Noa

3rd Place: Christian

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